5 Cafes With Rich Chocolate Fondue in Dubai

chocolate fondue in dubai

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Everything dipped in chocolate tastes better. It’s scientific fact [No, it isn’t].

While strawberries, biscotti, and marshmallows serve as delicious and adequate standalone desserts, only the exuberant coating of rich melted chocolate can elevate them to a drool-worthy dessert.

So, indulge in a craving or treat yourself to an exquisite meal’s grand finale with these five restaurants and cafes with chocolate fondue in Dubai:

1. The Chocolate Bar

For casual chocolate.

If you’re in MOE, give this casual yet warm chocolate bar a visit. Recommended by many [and us], they do the dish the classic way – melted chocolate served with bananas, strawberries, brownies and more.

What we like is that it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet [that’s hard to find].

Where: Mall of the Emirates Expansion, Level 2

How much: AED 61 for the fondue

Good for: groups. The portions are large.

Watch out: The mains don’t pop as much as the desserts so you may want to swing by for a sweet ending only.

2. Dip N Dip

Designed to share.

With chocolate oozing out of their menu [mousses, crepes, brownies, pancakes & more], we’ve beep told the Belgian chocolate fondue is great for finishing off a hearty meal.

In a decent and hunger-inducing red walls setting, you can choose dipping items to suit your caloric and sugar preferences. This means, if you’re on a diet, you better aim for the fruit bowls.

Where: Jumeirah 3, near Sunset Mall [Google map here]

How much: AED 35 for 8 pieces with fondue

Good for: Families and large groups of friends

Watch out: The place can get pretty crowded on weekends, so make reservations. Wash down the saccharine with a cup of plain coffee – cause otherwise it’s days to be overcome by the sugar on the menu.

3. Godiva Chocolate Café

If chocolate had a queen, she’d live here.

Excuse us. We know you know about this local hotspot, but did you really expect a chocolate listing without Godiva getting a mention?

The whiff of cocoa in the air, this decadent setting screams ‘chocolate.’ We recommend you try their dark chocolate fondue. You can choose from strawberries, bananas, croissant bits and marshmallows for dipping.

Where: They have several locations, we like their branch on JBR.

How much: AED 65 for fondue

Good for: An intimate and cozy space for long conversations.

Watch out: It’s a bit of a walk from the JBR basement parking. The prices are steep, but if anything was worth the money, it’s this.

4. Bertin Bistro

Chocolate embellished with all the right ingredients.

Everyone knows they’re great with desserts, but did you know their chocolate fondue is built on bedrock of crumbled cookies?

Add to that mix some vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and it’s a dessert par-tay. Opposite Al Serkal Avenue on SZR, lay back in a quiet setting where your gustatory system has room to take over.

Where: On SZR, opposite Times Square [Google Map here]

How much: AED 74 for fondue

Good for: A long hangout with shisha and mains. Plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Watch out: It gets pretty crowded even on weekdays, so call in advance and reserve: 04 4535446.

5. Dusty’s

Known for its signature cocktails, this lounge-restaurant can surprise you with the diversity of its menu. In the dessert section, the fondue jumps out.

Served with an assortment of dipping options [including macaroons], order the ‘Candy Station’ with a cup of coffee or white wine. The combination, while satiating, can be quite sweet.

Where: Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC [Google Map here]

How much: AED 70 for fondue pot

Good for: ladies nights [Tuesdays] and after-work treats.

Watch out: The parking charge at Fattan starts at the 2-hour mark once you get your valet validated for AED 30 an hour. We recommend you park on the main road [it’s a short walk].

Have we missed any spots that serve great chocolate fondue? Tell us all in the comments below.

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