Dubai Canvas 2016 in Pictures

dubai canvas 2016

Salwa Mohammad Hanif Now ,,,,

Reminiscent of Barcelona’s street art, this March [1 – 14] saw the popular JBR Walk light up with 3D art on pavements, part of Dubai Canvas 2016. A definite hit with families, you could see people sprawled on the floor, on all fours, in awkward poses making terrifying or goofy faces.

It may not have made sense if you didn’t have a camera in hand, but through the lens, epic scenes came to life – a flying shark eating a woman, a boy riding a horse and a man face to face with a snake.

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A primary school teacher commented:

This festival is a great way for kids and the youth to learn about various artists from around the world and the different types of art that exist; it is simply inspiring. Taking pictures in various poses and angles makes this more interactive.

Here are a few pictures from the event to feast your eyes on:


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