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Picture Stories: Dubai Carpet And Arts Oasis 2016

dubai carpet and art oasis

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Head to the Carpet and Arts Oasis Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center to hear fascinating cultural stories based on the most extravagant carpets and rugs from all around the world.

As a part of Dubai Shopping Festival, the Carpet Oasis Exhibition is held annually to showcase some of the world’s rarest, most expensive and unique floor coverings. This year’s event has culture and history told through 250,000 high-end handmade carpets with an estimated net market value of AED 2.5 billion.

Head of Carpet and Art Oasis Committee Abdulrahman Essa said,

“This exhibition is not only held to showcase some of the world’s rarest handmade carpets, but also to tell the stories of civilizations that are more than 500 years old. Some of the carpets are perceived as art works due to their color combinations, patterns and challenging ways of manufacturing.”

As you walk into the exhibition, it can be overwhelming to witness the sheer number of carpets on display. To your left, you will find Exhibitor Adel Al Azraq at Esfahan Persian Carpets, who can tell you all about a carpet that took 8 years to make.

dubai carpet and art oasis

“This Persian carpet [above] narrates the history of Egypt, Jordan and the Arab and Islamic civilizations through its pure silk knots. Take a closer look at the huts and camels featured in it. It is valued at AED 2 million because it has 1,200 knots per square centimeter”

Al Azraq said.

A carpet with a high knot-density typically commands a high price since it takes longer time to produce.

Behind Al Azraq’s wing, Chinese exhibitor Coco Din will show you the exhibition’s smallest, yet most expensive carpet. Its square-centimeter is valued at approximately AED 40, making an A3 size carpet worth AED 50,000.

“This carpet is more valuable than gold because it is not made in knots, but in lines per square centimeters. After finishing such a piece, the worker typically experiences eye-sight problems due to the difficulty of this job”

Din said.

Once you finish exploring the delicate Chinese patterns, head to Zomorod Ghanbari’s Iranian carpet exhibition wing to go on a journey through the history of Iran, Greece and the Islamic civilization with Umair Kan.

dubai carpet and art oasis

“Through 200 colors of silk and wool, the story of Prophet Yusuf and Zuleikha is told. The wife of the chief minister tried to seduce Yusuf and failed, so she told the King that she was a victim of his. However, seeing that Yusuf’s shirt was torn from the back, the King knew the truth,”

Khan said.

So, if you’re interested in arts, history or plain shopping, head to the Carpet and Art Oasis in Za’abeel Hall at DWTC. The exhibition will remain open until January 15 2016.