List of Secluded Spots for Camping in the UAE


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Living in Dubai, where there is no dearth for fun, socializing, shopping, movies, restaurants or incomparable party experiences, we often have our hands full all week long. Although, what if you’re yearning for a break from the hustle?

What if you need to escape but don’t have enough money to travel to an exotic destination?

Peel UAE’s glossy layers off and you have countless options for adventure. UAE’s terrain ranges from vast stretches of sand, pristine beaches, rocky mountains, oases, to mangroves.

When to Go Camping:


Ideally October to March is the best time to camp in the UAE and Oman. The temperatures vary between an average of 18 to 35 degrees centigrade depending on the month.

If you plan to visit the mountains, always remember the temperature is probably 10 degrees cooler, and the nights are cooler still. When camping near the wadis, be careful of flash floods. The rains fill up the wadis in an instant. Do look at the weather report for the week before you begin packing.

Where to Go Camping:

Here are 5 secluded spots for your friends to plan camping in the UAE:


Abu Dhabi

Liwa, Sila Beach, Pearl Coast

Al Ain 

Al Hayer forest, Jabal Hafeet


Ganthoot, Jebel Ali, & Al Qudra deserts


Kalba, Deserts of Maliha Road

Umm Al Quwain

Al Raffa Beach

Ras Al Khaimah

Al Hamra, Jabal Jais, Awafi, Mizra


Al Aqah Beach

Spots in Oman Worth Considering:

Musandam, Khasab, Tiwi, Turtle Beach, Sohar, Sur

There are umpteen number of Wadis where people especially those with 4×4 do go.

Wadi Bih, Wadi Sana, Wadi Madhbah, Wadi Wurayah

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