Nooks & Corners: Original Wings And Rings Review

original wings and rings

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Photo Credits: Shakeb Nezam

Where: Original Wings and Rings, DIFC

How much:  AED 200 for two people (approx.)

Cuisine: American

Recommended: Boneless Wings with Crazy sauce

OW&R has become a popular spot since its opening at The Liberty House, DIFC. Serving the best wings and rings (we tasted and certify that), along with a range of alcoholic drinks and cocktails, they’ve used the perfect crowd-pulling formula.


Although they are famous for their wings, but they serve a range of other delectable and unique dishes and drinks like Gyros Quesadilla and Buffalo Mary (to name a few).

'Cause which sports bar is complete without sliders?
‘Cause which sports bar is complete without sliders?


Gyros Quesadilla: We love the twist on this traditional Mexican dish. The flour tortilla is stuffed with juicy gyro meat, seasoned onions, diced tomatoes, and cheese; mmmm!

Wings: What makes it one of a kind is the meat that is used, and this is served exclusively at OW&R. Going to OW&R and not having their wings is like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel tower; it is a must! Their wings are crunchy and crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside – just the way we like it.

It can be confusing to choose your sauce, since everything sounds good, but the Crazy sauce caught our attention – a mix of Sweet BBQ and Roasted Garlic sauce. Next, you need to choose the spiciness of your wings: mild, x-hot, atomic and the One Million. We dared and tried the One Million, and mind you, we were on fire.

So many sauces.
So many sauces.


e recommend their boneless wings as they are easier to eat and are cooked to perfection – crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside.


A slurp-y margarita for those tough weekday evenings.
A slurp-y margarita for those tough weekday evenings.

Enjoy your wings and rings with a chilled beer, Apple Martini, or Buffalo Mary – a fiery twist on the traditional Bloody Mary. Their drinks offers are off the hook [take a look at the link below].

Recommended: Their zingy Strawberry Margaritas hit the spot with the right ratio of ice and mix [but of course, if you’re a beer person, you won’t forego a cold one in favour of a cocktail].

Ambience and Service:

Watch a game, talk about life or whine about your boss.
Watch a game, talk about life or whine about your boss here.

The ambiance is akin to what one would expect from a sports bar: relaxed, buzzing and casual. The space is inviting, ideal for get togethers with mates to watch a match, or just chat over great food and drinks.

The staff represents the same values – casual, friendly and highly attentive. Special shout-out to Christina, the restaurant supervisor, who also made sure we pair the best sauce with our wings!


Original rings it is.
Original rings it is.


If you’re looking for a laid-back bar serving alcoholic drinks with the best wings in town, this is your spot. They have special offers on drinks all week round [Isn’t that good news?].

If you’re interested, take note:

  • Head over to for full details of their offers, which runs Sat-Friday.
  • Spend your NYE with OWNR, with stunning view of the Burj fireworks starting only at 499 AED per person (including food and alcoholic beverages).

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