5 Cafes With The Most Tempting Hot Chocolate In Dubai

hot chocolate in dubai

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Winter is finally here (cue fireworks!), and while our jackets and boots are back in our wardrobes, our seasonal guilty pleasures are also finally on the menu, such as the classic, to-die-for HOT CHOCOLATE.

We’ve created a list of 5 places with the best hot chocolate in Dubai, where you can drown yourself in some scrumptious sweetness in the cold with a loved one:

#1 Pantry Cafe


If you are looking for the hot chocolate of your dreams, then you know where you’re going this weekend. The hot chocolate served at here is not too sweet or too creamy. What makes it really unique is the whipped cream, marshmallows and Valrhona dark chocolate chips that tickle your taste buds while you drink it!

Recommended: The drink with all the toppings!

Cost: AED 22(Excluding whipped cream & marshmallows)

Where: Business Bay/ Al Wasl Square

Best feature: Chocolate chips

2# Godiva Chocolate Café


Although it is a little pricy, the “Hot Chocolixir” served at the café is smooth, creamy and simple. Topped with a small dollop of whipped cream, this drink warms your soul and has all the essence of a perfect warm beverage for the winter.

Recommended: Hot Chocolixir

Cost: AED 40

Where: JBR

Best feature: Godiva richness

3# Angelina Tearoom


This Parisian café is home to, “L’Africian,” their signature world-famous hot chocolate. It is thicker than usual and is recommended by hot-chocolate lovers all around the world. The velvety beverage is also served with cream on the side.

Recommended: L’Africian

Cost: AED 39

Where: Dubai Mall

Best Feature: Not too sweet

4# Starbucks


Even though Starbucks is mainly known for its lattes and macchiatos, its hot chocolate deserves some credit too. It is thick and chocolaty with an even consistency throughout. Unlike most hot chocolates, this beverage is not particularly sweet which gives it a dark and bitter flavor. If you’re someone who doesn’t like something “too sweet” then this should definitely be an option.

Alternatively, sweet lovers can also get their share with the festive limited edition, honey and almond hot chocolate, which features mocha and almond syrup blended with steamed milk; topped with chocolate whipped cream and finished with a drizzle of mocha and honey. YUM!

Recommended: Hot Chocolate with Cream or Honey and Almond Hot Chocoate

Cost: AED 17- 25

Where: Everywhere!

Best Feature: Not too sweet

5# Tim Hortons


This one is my personal favorite and is totally worth the hype. The beverage is rich and chocolaty enough to make you want another round and is seriously sweet. The best thing is that it’s not too heavy so it doesn’t make you feel obnoxiously full when you’re done. They also have a gourmet hot chocolate that has whipped cream on it and is nice, but not as sweet as their regular one.

Can’t get enough? Tim Hortons also gives you the option to take back some of their flavor with their tinned instant powders sold at the shop.

Recommended: Regular Hot Chocolate

Cost: AED 11-17

Where: Sheikh Zayed Road

Best Feature: Rich Flavor

Special mention: Caribou Coffee has delicious hot chocolate offerings on their menu with marshmallows, nuts and beautiful drizzled choco syrup.

Whether you prefer to have hot chocolate while cozying up and reading a book, out catching up with friends or working, make sure to have at least one from our list this winter!

We’d love to hear from you – Have you tried out any of our hot chocolate suggestions? Do you have any more recommendations for us? Tell us in the comments below.

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