5 Shisha Cafes In Dubai That Are Worth The Money


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Being a Dubai resident or even visitor, it is evident that the Shisha culture in Dubai is heavily predominant. The weather is getting better and it’s now the “perfect shisha weather”. Cafés and restaurants are 10 times more likely to be full just if they have the facility of an after-coffee shisha or after-dinner smoke.

Well, we have a list of 5 must-try shisha cafes in Dubai that will delight you with their flavours and keep you coming back for more with value for money.

Head out if you haven’t been already:

1. La Postreria


It’s a uniquely designed restaurant with an interesting touch to interior design and creatively presented food. The shisha menu isn’t exceptionally extensive but even the basic common flavors are amazing; the shisha lasts for hours without losing flavor and all shishas come with ice, giving it that extra oomph.

Recommended: Lemon mint

How much: AED 65-70

Where: JBR [Google Map here]

Best feature: Lasts for hours

2. Tche Tche Elite/ Premier


It’s a tricky name to pronounce but ask the waiters at the restaurant and they happily help you with it. It has numerous outlets around town – Marina, Downtown, Garhoud and some more.

Recommended: Ocean Mist and Tche Tche

How much: AED 48-75

Where: The Walk, Marina [Google Map here]

Best feature: Disposable pipes and excellent service

3. Castellos


It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant in Jumeirah 1 with an amazing variety of food and shisha flavors.

Recommended: Paan Grape and Lemon Mint

How much: AED 50-60

Where: Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1 [Google Map here]

Best feature: Long lasting flavor

4. Maxine


It’s a restaurant and café with a special smoking area with air conditioning and windows. The restaurant is mostly famous for airing football games and is located in Jumeirah 1 behind the zoo and on the Marina walk.

Recommended: Rose Mint and Lemon Mint

How much: AED 50-60

Where: Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah 1 [Google Map here]

Best feature: Great service and flavours

5. Mezza House


It’s a middle-eastern restaurant with amazing cold and hot mezzeh items on the food menu along with an excellent variety of mocktails and shisha. The restaurant is located in Downtown Dubai, right opposite the Souq al Bahar.

Recommended: Watermelon and Rose

How much: AED 65-70

Where: Downtown Dubai [Google Map here]

Best feature: Buy one get one free for Ladies on Sundays.

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