Check Out: Dance Troupe The Ripple Effect In Dubai


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Residents of the UAE have been fortunate in the past to be treated to world-class entertainment, both internationally and locally. Dubai has witnessed the popping up of several talented groups that have contributed to the performing arts scene . A rising star among them is The Ripple Effect, founded by Dubai-based Aishwarya Shivkumar and Joshua Johnson.They recently announced their latest show, a dance drama production named Mirage , that is to be held at the Madinat Jumeirah Theatre, Dubai on the 23rd of October.

Started in April 2014, The Ripple Effect is the result of efforts to bring a new dimension to dance entertainment in the UAE. The stunning visual element of their performances enhance their acts which aim to evoke emotions that dance can bring out. Just over a year and a half old, they’ve successfully pulled off their own independent production and performed in three others.

With no restriction or bias towards any race, gender or age, the intention is to bring together talented performers and creative minds to produce something magical.

The Ripple Effect takes their inspiration from water, which is a dynamic element of nature, but through the course of their journey, it has taken on the wider meaning of spreading positivity to everyone and everything they interact with. This year, they’ve tied up with Rang De , an online microfinance platform to support low-income entrepreneurs and students to enable them to stand on their own feet.

When asked for their take on the performing arts scene in the UAE ? Positive all around ! The dance production house is certain that it holds a lot of promise and they are thrilled to be on the same page as the UAE’s growing performing arts scene.

The year 2016 is looking to be a busy one for them. Soon after Mirage, The Ripple Effect will be collaborating with two award winning Italian designers on an artistic concept launch at the Dubai Design District. They will also be hosting the internationally renowned Short and Sweet Dance Festival that is coming up in Dubai along with presenting two more productions later in the year; and of course, you can stay tuned for more !

You can reach them on their official website:, or like their facebook page: . Keep an eye out folks, the next big thing in Performing Arts is happening right here in Dubai!