So, How Are You Getting to Sensation Dubai at Bab Al Shams?

Sensation Dubai

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Sensation Dubai is all set to take place in the middle of the desert in the uber fancy Bab Al Shams Event Arena. On November 11, 2016, the dance extravaganza will take place in the ‘The Desert Dome’ with its all white dress code.

That’s great, but if you’re planning to pregame, how are you going to drive all the way into the desert for this calendar event? We talk to Marketing Director of Envie Events, Nicolas Vandenabeele, about how fans can get to the Bab Al Shams venue.

Sensation Dubai 2016 is set for another year of the best DJs supported by lights, aerials, dancers, pyro, and all of you, the fans, in full form.

Tickets and travel packages will be available on

Minimum age: 21

Date: Friday,  November 11, 2016

Venue: Bab Al Shams Event Arena

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Tickets for Sensation Dubai at Bab Al Shams Resort

VIP table packages

The ultimate way to enjoy Sensation is from your own VIP table with special entrance, hostess and table service. We have various table packages available. For more information on these packages, contact: +971558759254 or

Deluxe tickets

This ticket gives you access to the special elevated Deluxe area. The Deluxe area is including fast bar service with free drinks and food throughout the night. You will enjoy an exclusive experience as only a limited amount of Deluxe tickets are available. 

  1. Deluxe early Bird: AED 999
  2. Deluxe 1st release: AED 1250
  3. Deluxe 2nd release: AED 1299
  4. Deluxe 3rd release: AED 1349
  5. Deluxe door: AED 1500

General Admission tickets

This ticket gives you access to the main area and main dance floor, where all the action will take place.

  1. General Admission early bird: AED 299
  2. General Admission 2nd release: AED 349
  3. General Admission 3rd release: AED 399
  4. General admission DOOR: AED 500

The last two editions were sold out with more than 14,000 people enjoying the ultimate nightlife experience. Watch last year’s Sensation Dubai after movie :