Show Your Appreciation With Gifts of Gratitude

gifts of gratitude

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Who do we usually thank for our success?

Family, friends.. we even credit luck occasionally, but how often do we appreciate the role our society has played in our success? Not society in a vague sense – people you pass on the street everyday who have contributed to your life. Imagine yourself in another place, another society and ask yourself if you could find the same conducive factors that led to your success in the UAE.

When we make this comparison, we start to realize the little things that collectively made a big difference in our lives; the coffeemakers, the municipality workers, the people who tirelessly built the structures we spend our lives in. What would your life look like in their absence?

DANS Middle East began their journey two and a half years ago in Dubai with the hope that people shared their unbridled passion for dance; they put their faith in society and it was rewarded with a great response.

Now after a quarter of a decade spreading the joy of dance across the city, they wish to give something back to make our city a happier space and they want to give you the precious opportunity to contribute. 

DANS, along with Inara, has launched the Gifts of Gratitude initiative. As part of the initiative, if you are in the UAE, you can pledge appreciation boxes (boxes that would contain goodies) that will be gifted to the people who work incessantly to make Dubai stand out from the rest of the world: the labourers.

A pledge costs you a nominal price of AED 5 and you can make any number of pledges you want. All the appreciation boxes will be packed on the October 16 2015.

If you’d like to contribute your time as well, register on the link mentioned at the end of this article and join us for only 30minutes on October 16 to pack these appreciation boxes [We could use a hand]. These gifts will be delivered to various labor camps across the city by October 17, and if you are free, you’re welcome to assist us with distribution as well.

Be a part of Gifts of Gratitude. Play your part in lifting our society.

Register here now.

For more information, visit Inara’s Facebook page or contact DANS at 800 326763 or Inara at 0503613384.