Yas Hails The Dave Matthews Band


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Yas Island – It’s been over twenty years since the Dave Matthews Band made their debut but, the band was in full swing as they played to a capacity crowd at the du Arena on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi this past Thursday night.

In a performance that was slated to be their kick-off concert to their summer tour of Europe, Dave Matthews Band fans had packed into the du Arena from as early as 6 pm. The show began with One Sweet World and was followed by a crowd favorite, Satellite.

A special mention has to be made to everyone present at the venue for surviving and smashing through the 95% humidity (it was really 80% though). One of the highlights of the night was the final song of the main set, Ants Marching, which had a great deal of solos and band-play by all the members.

Matthew’s went through songs like the Space between, Why I am, Crush and What would you say. The band was happy to see the audience cheering for them and thanked them.


“Being here today was a dream come true as I grew up with these songs and I love Dave Matthews Band,” said Roy Haddad. “I flew in from Lebanon especially to see my most favourite band perform live and I loved every minute of the show.”

During the rest of the performance Tim Reynolds (lead guitarist), Carter Beauford (Drummer) and Jeff Collin (the trumpeter) gave brilliant solo performances for the show. In fact, Carter Beauford was rated as one of the top ten drummers in the world.

For the Encore, the band gave their own rendition of all along the Watchtower, which was everyone’s personal favorite. Although the band didn’t played all time classics like classics like Two steps, Where are you going and Crash into me, the concert was a true classic in the eyes of the fans.

Concert Set list:

  1. One Sweet World
  2. Satellite
  3. #41
  4. Don’t drink the water
  5. You and Me
  6. Warehouse
  7. Kill the Preacher
  8. Why I am
  9. Crush
  10. Death on the High Sea
  11. Minarets
  12. The Space Between
  13. Spaceman
  14. Corn Bread
  15. Too Much
  16. What Would you Say
  17. Ants Marching


All Along the Watchtower.