Nooks & Corners: Anantara Dubai’s Crescendo| Butcher’s Night Review

Nooks & Corners: Crescendo Review | Butcher's Night

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Think primate meat-eating love meets elegant 5-star dining.

This week, we visited the Butcher’s Night at Crescendo, Anantara The Palm, and meat-lovers, we’ve got news for you: this is your paradise. Here’s the Crescendo review by the B-Change Foodies:

Where: Crescendo, Anantara The Palm
How much: AED 220 per person, AED 350 per person inclusive of house beverages
Cuisine: International buffet
Recommended:  Okra salad, Beef Short Ribs, Blueberry Cheesecake



Nooks & Corners: Crescendo Review | Butcher's Night

The grand feast began with sampling the vast appetizer spread. Grilled artichoke with crispy turkey bacon, roasted pumpkins with perfectly poached eggs, and the scrumptious beef and mushroom pie were amongst our favourites.

We relished the Okra salad – simply flavoured and fresh.


Since it was Butcher’s night, their mains consisted of all sorts of meat; from beef and chicken to fish. The specialty for the night was the stunning beef short ribs and beef brisket. The ribs were slow-cooked and were tender, juicy and delectable.

Nooks & Corners: Crescendo Review | Butcher's Night
The meat station was mercilessly full of delights.

Since I prefer my meat done medium, the brisket felt a bit rough as it was well done. We turned our attention shortly to the do-it-your-way meat station, with an elaborate variety of meat that you can have the chef prepare the way you like; chicken breast, beef steak, sausages and lamb kofta.

After picking our choice of meat, we proceeded to the ‘sides’ table: Chinese fried rice, mashed potatoes, Mac ‘n’ cheese, and different kinds of bread.


The dessert station was the most colourful station of all. Stuffed, yet reeling for more, we picked up a slice of everything: peanut butter mousse, lemon ice box pie, assorted cupcakes, and blueberry cheesecake.

The highlight? The Oreo and raspberry mousse; a pleasantly surprising new flavour compliment and texture. Our next favourite was the chocolate brownie, with slightly bitter dark chocolate giving it just the right hint of fresh cocoa.

Ambience and Service:  

We’ve all seen pictures of the Anantara Resort, but Crescendo is special, with a generally laid-back, lounge vibe with spacious seating and minimalistic decor. It presents a refreshing change where your senses have the space to be stimulated by the mesmerising colours and mouthwatering scents around you.

Nooks & Corners: Crescendo Review | Butcher's Night
Lay back in luxury.

Since it was a buffet, we can’t say much about the service, but our tables were cleaned in time for the next set of servings to come, and the staff was attentive, enquiring if we needed anything periodically.

Verdict: If you are looking to have a super chilled meaty Thursday, head down to Crescendo and treat yourself to some really good meat.

B-Change Foodie Rating: 8.5/10

Nooks & Corners: Crescendo Review | Butcher's Night

Did we tempt you enough? Then take note:        

  • Butchers Night takes place every Thursday evening at Crescendo.
  • Other delightful theme nights include Italian night and Indian & Arabic night.
  • Reservations are recommended for big groups.
  • For more information, contact Crescendo on: 04 5678310.