4 Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Traveling


Tasnim Hasan Environment ,,,

This summer, it feels like the drowsy warm wind has taken us all under its wing and the travel bug, special to this season, has infected a lot of us with wanderlust. Pack this, pack that, don’t forget a thing off the list. Looking up activities, weather forecasts and baggage allowances.

Amidst all this excitement [not to put a damper on your holiday], it’s fair we want to leave our responsibilities aside and have a carefree break. Your actions, however, do not stop having consequences, and while some may be personal, others – like your contribution to the causes of climate change – can have a long-ranging impact.

So, here are a few simple tips [that won’t have you going out of your way a lot] for you to reduce carbon footprint while traveling:

1. Walk or commute efficiently.

Walk around the bustling city or commute via eco-friendly trains or even use bicycles to wander about. It’s not only eco-friendly, but is also a much more intimate way to explore a city that avoids traffic. Let’s not forget – it’s also a cost-efficient alternative.

2. Do not take night flights.

Night flights consume a considerable amount of fuel and electricity in comparison to day flights. Make sure you have this in mind the next time you’re booking a flight, conscious of carbon emissions.

3. Avoid taking connecting flights and opt for the direct flights.

Direct flights to a far off destination may consume less fuel hence resulting in reduced air pollution in comparison to taking two flights which would double the pollution and carbon emissions.

4. When staying at a hotel, avoid using room service frequently.

Look up eco-friendly hotels and avoid using room service every time you head out.

Apart from these, when you pack your bags for the trip you’ve been longing  for, make sure to avoid using plastic bottles, plastics and bubble wraps. Remember: we are responsible for what happens to the place we’re living in.