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7 Reasons To Buy The World’s First Curved Gaming Monitor

7 Reasons To Buy The World's First Curved Gaming Monitor

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In light of E3 and all the new announcements in the gaming world, BenQ comes out with a revolutionary gaming monitor tailor-made for gaming enthusiasts interested in hardcore gaming genres like “Need for Speed (2015)”, “Witcher III”, “Battlefield 4”, “Assassin’s Creed Identity” and so forth.

Offering a phenomenal gaming experience, XR3501 is the world’s first 35” curved gaming monitor with 2000R ultra high curvature and 144 Hz . With the highest curvature available in the market and the fastest refresh rate, BenQ brings an all new experience to gamers looking for the ultimate in-depth immersive gaming experience.

For the Geeks: 

XR3501 sports a 2560×1080 display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 178-degree extra-wide viewing angle. With high performance H/W support, you can link multiple monitors to truly feel like you are part of the game. With its 35” curved display and high resolution, XR350I brings the ultimate immersive gaming experience to hardcore gamers. XR3501 also has standard gaming features like Black eQualizer, Color Vibrance and Game Mode.

1. 35” Curved Gaming Monitor

Being the first 35” curved display, the XR3501 features a resolution of 2560 x 1080, making sure every precise detail is perceived flawlessly through the gamers peripheral vision.

2. 2000R Ultra High Curvature

The XR3501 has the most extreme curvature currently available in the market, flawlessly crafted to completely consume your field of vision during the action and eliminating any distractions, creating a true real-world gaming experience.

3. 144Hz Refresh Rate

Making sure the monitor is able to keep up with your actions throughout any game genre; the XR3501 is packed with 144Hz refresh rate, allowing a consistently flawless view of all the details within the fast-moving action. Ensuring fluid transitions for the smoothest game play at all times.

4. 21:9 Ultra Wide and High Resolution

XR3501 delivers a stunning picture with a 21:9 aspect ratio and offers a crisp 2560×1080 resolution, enabling you to see what is coming on the track, from the decals on your opponents’ cars to the roadside grass and leaves on the trees you speed by.

5. 20-Level Color Vibrance

Optimize Gaming Precision with 20-Level Color Vibrance Setting. The XR3501 gives you the flexibility you need to get the color performance you seek. There are 20 levels of Color Vibrance settings built into the monitor to meet gamers’ specific viewing requirements and preferences for difficult times of gameplay.

6. Black eQualizer For Total Visibility

The XR3501comes with built in- Black eQualizer color engine technology to brighten dark scenes without over exposing the bright areas. With maximized visual clarity you will also experience more eye comfort and less eye fatigue through a long day of intense gaming. 

7. Exclusive Game Modes

Special gaming presets used by professional players are included with the XR3501 so you can see what the pros see. Each mode is fine-tuned so you can leverage these exclusive presets used by pro-gamers to your own advantage.

XR3501 curved gaming monitor will be available from June 2015 retailing at AED 3,999 (USD 1,088) in Dubai.