Give Your Social Media Skills The Upgrade It Needs

Give Your Social Media Skills The Upgrade It Needs

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B-Change will be partnering with Manipal University Dubai’s School of Media & Communication which is hosting a global research conference, themed “Social Media: Consumption, Impact & Gratification” on May 21, 2015.

The conference, organized by the Media & Communication Research & Analysis Wing (MCRAW), offers an opportunity for academics to discuss new concepts, progressive methodologies, embryonic approaches and innovative practices within the world of media and the wider social environment.

In simpler language, attending this conference will make sure you’re ahead of the game with regard to the latest trends in digital and more specifically, in social media.

The key conference streams are: 1) Consumerism and Media; 2) Media, Religion & Culture; 3) Media & Gender 4) Social Media and Society; 5) Media and Entertainment.

Registrations are open to academics, industry leaders, young researchers and students.

Speakers will present significant findings covering topics addressing diverse areas within the discipline. This year’s keynote speaker Dr. Meena T. Pillai, Director, Centre for Cultural Studies, University of Kerala will discuss usage of selfies and how women are objectified in her talk titled, “Selfies: Commodification of Women.”

MCRAW seeks to create a platform for student researchers and experts from different walks of life to foster academic discourse, share ideas, strategies, critique and explore themes of relevance to the research community.

“Since, our hyper-connected lives have been rewired for the digital age, not only is the theme of the conference highly appropriate in the wider context of this region but it will also be an effective platform to explore how the Internet and social media are shaping our relationships, personal lives and sense of self. Moreover, the subjects of the conference naturally reflect the types of subjects we teach and research here at Manipal University Dubai.” said Dr. R.N. Shukul, a faculty of the School of Media & Communication.

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