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Should You Watch It? | Hot Pursuit Review

Should You Watch It? | Hot Pursuit Review

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Why did they title it Hot Pursuit?


Director/Choreographer Anna Fletcher’s films sure have been cash for the producers, and yet, after Step Up (2006), none of her films have earned the same hype, or even the same recognition/glowing reviews.

Step Up was a ‘Fletcher-kind-of-movie’ because she has been strongly associated with dancing and choreography. Personally, I loved that film – not just because it was a relatively new concept, but also because it was well-executed with a great cast and sturdy plot line.

The question is: Does ‘Hot Pursuit’ bring her back from the dead?

A Predictable Plotline

I’m not being sexist, but this is what is generally categorized as a ‘chick flick’, despite the title. The title, in fact, throws you off; Hot Pursuit isn’t anything like Need for Speed. It doesn’t have a lot of tension, build-up or acceleration. It is rather about two women, who are polar opposites of each other, finding common ground.

One is a by-the-book cop, Officer Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) and the second is Daniella Riva (Sofía Vergara), who is a widow of a major drug dealer, Felipe Riva (Vincent Laresca). The ‘big adventure’ begins when Daniella’s husband is shot and it becomes Cooper’s job to keep Daniella safe as part of witness protection.

Adequate Acting

Let me add a disclaimer here; I’m biased. I’ve never quite liked Sofia Vergara, but she did add an individual comic flavor to the film and acted quite well. Witherspoon, on the other hand, was given the job of portraying a nerdy and endearing cop.

Known for her outstanding performances in ‘Walk the Line’, ‘Water for Elephants’, and the hilarious ‘Legally Blonde’, I’d say she missed the mark with this one. Her acting was adequate and that’s hardly ever the Witherspoon way.

All in all

With typecast characters, a predictable plot that never really reaches a climax, and good chemistry, this film survives purely on periodic comic relief.

Watch If

You have nothing else to watch. Otherwise, sit this one out.

Rating: 5/10