Nooks & Corners: El Sur Dubai | Food Review

el sur dubai

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“It feels like we’re in Seville, or an old-timey town in Spain”

This week, we discovered the musical and culinary flair of El Sur, a quaint and ritzy Spanish restaurant set in the Westin Hotel, neighboring JBR. Kick back a glass of sangria, under an open-air terrace reminiscent of small Spanish cafes, and indulge in their appetizing tapas menu.

How Much: AED 700-900 for 2

Ideal Spot For: a classy, casual night out/ a romantic date.

Where: Westin Hotel, Dubai [Google map here] 


With a wide variety of pork, seafood, chicken and vegetarian options, each dish at El Sur is thoughtfully crafted,unpredictable and brimming with explosive flavours. We tip our hats to Chef Juan Carlo for a menu that is dynamic and innovative.

The textures of the dishes are just as unexpected: The Mushroom & Goat Cheese Croquetas are lighter than air with a soft cheese filling. The Liquid Marinated Olives pop with a liquid of delicious green olives. The Burrata is creamy and light with a tinge of cherry & mustard.

Tip: Their side dish portions are small but are great paired with white wine.

el sur dubai
The oranges free range chicken & sweet red peppers drizzled with basil sauce. Slurp.

B-Change Favourites:

  1. The Chilli & Garlic Prawns: rich and cooked to perfection.
  2. The Seasonal Mushroom & Black Truffle Rice: the perfect combination.
  3. The Free Range Orange Roasted Chicken with Corn: This pairing is to die-for [Mark our words].

Sweet tip: For dessert, get the cheesecake. you won’t regret it.


el sur dubai
Simply imagine lounging on this terrace with Spanish guitar music in the backdrop.

The low-hanging yellow bulbs, chic white chairs, striking Spanish art and sleek bar serve as the ideal mise-en-scene for an intimate and lively evening among lovers or friends. The Spanish guitar music is a welcome complement.


The man behind the meat: Chef Juan Carlo
The man behind the meat: Chef Juan Carlo

Between a polite and pleasant server always in sight, wine re-filled before request and the table cleared in time after every course,  we have no complains [That, my friends, is a rare gem in Dubai].


Although the restaurant’s prices are quite expensive, costing between AED 700-900 if you’re doing drinks & a full-fledged 4-course dinner for 2, considering the delivery, location and renowned chef, the cost is to be expected.

If you’re doing drinks and tapas for 2, expect an average cost of AED 400.

This is a place for special occasions or for when you don’t have enough time or money to visit the balmy streets of Barcelona. However, they have special packages every week [See below]

Current Must-Visits

El Sur has Happy Hours every Saturday to Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm with jaw-dropping prices.

Every Friday, there’s a Spanish Tapas Lunch from 12:30pm to 3:30pm

AED 175 for food +soft drinks

AED 245 for food+ beer+ sangria

B-Change’s Foodie Rating: 8.2/10

For reservations, call 04-3997700 or e-mail