DXBeach: Bohemian Seaside, Coachella Outfits, & A Wild Crowd

DXBeach: Bohemian Seaside, Coachella Outfits, & A Wild Crowd

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Photojournalist: Tarun Shyam; Reporter: Bhoomika Ghaghada. Link to the gallery below.

Not to mention the up-tempo music and zing in the air at the Zero Gravity beach on April 24. DGT Events did justice to what an all-day, all-night music fest should look like; DXBeach seamlessly moved from a lounge vibe by day to an electrifying dance party by night [Before you ask – Yes, It was better than Sandance].

Bathing suit clad party-goers idled in the sun with cold beers, champagne and low-tempo music, twirling by the stage, relaxing with shishas and/or letting the week go with free massages. With sundown, the Absolutists awoke and a vodka-filled crowd swayed, grinded and thumped with Sneaky Sound System, Jess Glynne and Mark Ronson’s unforgettable sets.

The Sneaky Sound System duo picked up the beat, transitioning from easy-listening hip hop to 80s-sounding electro pop. Sporting a white wig, Connie Mitchel teased the crowd, busting some sultry moves and packing it all in with her intense voice.

Continuing the trail of resounding vocals, Jess Glynne took the stage shortly after and the people went loco. My Love, Real Love, Right Here, Rather Be were all greeted with sing-along chants. Glynne winded up with her smash hit, Hold My Hand, met with a loud thunder of cheers.

Jess Glynn poses for us after her set!
Jess Glynne poses for us after her set!


Without a lull or drop in pace, around 9:30, Mark Ronson brought the place down with a smooth mix of electronic, funk, jazz, hip hop and pop tracks. Revving the crowd up with Machine Gun Funk’s chorus of Biggie, Ronson played a spectacularly tight set, with a playful blend of all the big names he’s associated with: Feel Right feat. Mystikal, Ooh Wee, & Bang Bang Bang.

Uptown Funk was a hands-down highlight, as Ronson exclaimed “This is the first time I’ve got to play this for so many people.” He dropped in Amy Winehouse’s You know I’m no good like a jazz spell and you could tell he loved the records he played as he pulled us into a hot hip hop ride-along in the midst of his act.

They’re talking about having one in the winter. We’d be fools to miss it.
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