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Should You Watch It? Kingsman: The Secret Service Review


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Manners Maketh Man!”—William Horman

‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ is a film made with precision. Mathew Vaughn, the director, couldn’t have done a better job. It’s been so long since I watched a film without flaws.


The movie tells the story of a secret spy service – a very sophisticated one at that. A very important member of their team gets assassinated. 17 years later, his son gets elected by his late father’s best friend (who is also a secret agent) to participate in the hunt for a new secret agent. This is because the agency is under threat from a twisted tech genius who has a different take on how to end global warming (which is obviously wrong). With a lot of parallels unfolding, this film gives you the best action-spy feel and keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

Put it on your must-watch list because:

This flick is crafted so intricately. The gadgets and tech used are most likely unfamiliar to most of us.There’s no denying that you get an all-elusive Bond feel while watching Kingsman, but this likeness is not imitated – it’s inspired. Truth be told, the cinematography, screenplay and the story (which was based on the comic “The Secret Service”) are impressive. Hats off to the background score department – Henry Jackman did the trick!

Tipping our hats to good acting

Almost whole of the cast is English [Would you care for some tea?]. Except the one with the lisp, Samuel L. Jackson! This man has the ability to blend in playing any character and he portrayed his so effortlessly. Collin Firth, Mark Stone, Taron Egerton, the leads, are strong & memorable. And how can I forget about a legend who has been a part of around 115 films? He doesn’t need a fancy intro – Michael Caine [Who doesn’t love Alfred?].

All in all

My love for spy, heist and sci-fi films is long-standing since the release of the Bond film series (1962) and The Italian Job (2003). It has only heightened after watching this fast-paced film. Lastly, Vaughn has had a few good {Kick Ass (2010); Layer Cake (2004)} and a few great films {X-Men: First Class (2011)} but I feel like this one beats them all in terms of.. well, everything.

Get a bucket of popcorn [or a cigar] and watch it on Netflix. Highly recommended if you’re a fan of speedy spy films with cool gizmos [and who isn’t?].

As far as this film goes, the B-Change verdict is a 9/10.

P.S: Egsy’s style of ordering a drink was so Bond-like (obviously with a minute change). He a wannabe?



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