Pushy Sales People Are Annoying, Aren’t They?

Random Act Of Kindness: Pushy Sales People Are Annoying, Aren't They?

Zahra Hasan Other

We’ve all encountered salespeople who just won’t budge. I don’t want to buy what you’re selling – go away. Slight annoyance turns to agitation and gradually that turns to disgust. It’s a human being on the other line of that phone, or on the other side of that counter, trying to make a living – Let’s remember that when we interact with these aggressive professionals.

One of our readers shares their story of a random act of kindness:

Waiting at the petrol station one day, I’m in queue to get my car refueled. A knock on my window and the I see the petrol station employee smiling and gesturing to talk. I roll my windows down and he asks me if I’d like to purchase perfume and win two raffle tickets to a car. I tell him I’ve already bought the tickets two weeks ago. He tries to persuade me so I ask him how much the perfumes cost.

Two for forty he says. I’m confused, I don’t need them. I tell him, but he requests me to help him out; the company has forced a daily quota on him and he needs to reach it. I can’t argue with him sitting in my car with my AC on, while he walks car to car in the sweltering heat. I bought the perfumes and gave them to him to gift to his wife. He wouldn’t stop thanking me and smiling.

I should’ve thanked him though – There’s no satisfaction like the kind you get when you help someone out.