Do Long Distance Relationships Really Work?


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Late night [stop & start] Skype calls, sleep deprivation, always knowing what time it is in another country without having to count, longing to hold the one you love close, and constantly thinking of creative gestures online, are all part of an inevitable package that comes with long distance relationships.

Some couples who opt to continue their romance despite the geography are met with puzzled looks, some with ‘Oh, that’s naïve!’ and others with incredulous remarks like  ‘How do you do it?’. Granted, that last one makes sense – they are no piece of cake. Physical proximity makes a huge difference in a relationship, but surprising research shows that it may not be a deal-breaker.

A study shows that long distance couples are more likely to, not just maintain intimacy, but have more intimate and meaningful conversations than ordinary couples. How?

When conversation time is limited and conversation is central to your romance, you’d rather exchange important details of your day and life than engage in an hour-long conversation about your colleague’s break up. Most couples, that live close by, take conversation for granted, while LDR couples only have words to fall back on to express their overwhelming feelings of yearning love.

LDR couples also tend to make an extra effort at looking their best when they finally get to meet – it’s so rare, it has to be perfect. The distance also allows them to live their own lives separately, maintaining their individual sense of self, while at the same time, weaving their partner’s life in through communication.

Trust, communication, and space are all important aspects of a healthy relationship, so it seems to us that LDRs have as much of a shot of working as close proximity relationships. What do you think?

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