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Natasha is a writer by definition, a woman without a legal surname (literally), and a selectively social person who has an innate ability to make best friends out of animals over humans. Born and raised in Dubai, she is yet to discover some parts of the city for two reasons: she is terrible at directions and can never make the GPS work. She loves adventure sports, writing (you don’t say!), travelling, ink-pen sketching, and silently judging every new person she meets. Her motto in life is ‘spirituality over social norms’.

Reading Your Way To North Carolina

Travel is on everyone’s mind as the summer is upon us. So, we thought we’d fuel that zest to escape; this time around, we bring you 5 books based on a location instead of a movie, so you can travel wi…

Natasha Pradeep ME Art Community ,,

Is your Instagram feed brimming with pictures of a celestial-looking chamber lit up by what looks like vibrant little stars? What you’re looking at is the widely popular artwork of Yayoi Kusama entitled Infinity Mirrored Room- Filled with the Brilliance of Life. Since the U.A.E’s most talked about art exhibit, ‘Seeing Through Light’ from the Guggenheim […]