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Roxy Cinemas Enters The Mix

Roxy Cinemas

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Meraas, the Dubai-based holding company, unveiled Roxy Cinemas, to debut at City Walk and The Beach opposite JBR. 

This new brand of cinemas will take over the management of the existing sites at The Beach and City Walk, offering movie-goers the chance to get a closer look at the behind-the-scenes action.

The new concept aims to bring motion picture aficionados an experience that pays homage to the silver screen at every touch point; from facts and stories related to the making of the featured movies to iconic movie quotes, to lounges named after production units and diner-style snacks for the duration of the show.

“Movies are a big draw in Dubai, equally loved amongst the melting pot of cultures that make up this city. At Roxy Cinemas we want to celebrate this love of movies by going behind-the-screens and revealing the process and passion that goes into the art of film-making. For today’s viewer, simply watching the main feature is not enough; they want to dive deep and walk in the film-makers shoes imagining the creative process with them as they weave cinematic magic and this is the essence of the Roxy Cinemas experience.”

Roxy Cinemas in City Walk Dubai
Roxy Cinemas in City Walk Dubai

The cinema will be composed of three seating classes – the Director’s Lounge, The Editor’s Suite and Roxy the Set – with distinct experiences featuring bespoke settings, lighting and dining options.

The Director’s Lounge offers an ultra-premium experience reminiscent of a screening in a Hollywood director’s suite. It brings to life the luxury and creative energy of the space through design elements such as marble service counters, signature designer furniture, and ambient lighting.

The experience elevates the movie-watching experience with a butler on call as well as leather reclining seating with side tables. The Editor’s Suite and Roxy the Set, offer premier and standard experiences respectively, but incorporate elements that heighten the movie-experience through personalized service. The Editor’s Suite offers movie-goers double seats, a side table and food delivered directly to their seats, creating a luxury environment to enjoy the movie.

The tickets for the new cinema are now on sale on The cinema’s custom journey starts with the website offering a first of its kind option – setting a favorite cinema location and language for convenience during return visits. To further streamline the digital journey, a responsive app is also under development.

Roxy Cinemas
Roxy Cinemas is planning to further expand its footprint locally and regionally starting with a new boutique cinema coming soon to BOX PARK, which will build on the Roxy Cinemas brand through offering diverse entertainment options to cinema lovers everywhere.

Roxy Cinemas
“Movies are meant to transport film-goers to a different world and at Roxy Cinemas, we wanted that journey to start when they step into our premises. A visit to Roxy Cinemas will bring them closer to the world of cinema and to those who create the magic of the movies,” said Jean-Marc Bled.