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The key (for any type of makeup) is blending. If everything is blended together well, it should look great through whichever medium.

Hours of primping and careful planning can melt in under a minute under UAE’s humid and hot sun. It doesn’t care that you spent half your rent on that new eye-liner, it will run and make you look more Marilyn Manson than Monroe.

To keep make-up disasters at arm’s length, we caught up with celebrity and model make-up artist, Hannah Lisa, and she shared some delicious tips with us to keep your make-up looking light and natural all day long.

She’s worked her magic on the royal family of Abu Dhabi, presidential family of Djibouti and runs the CNN make-up department in the UAE. She’s the one behind Becky Anderson’s chic and flawless look on Connect the World.

Here’s the scoop on the ideal on-camera & Instagram make-up look:

How to look flawless for pictures – parties & all-night events

Camera Make-up tips

People have a big misconception about how to apply makeup for camera. Plus, any ‘rules’ are not enforced when working on still photos, as everything is airbrushed after.

As I work for CNN, I get people saying “you must have to apply a lot of makeup as it’s for TV?”

On the contrary! Modern cameras pick up so much detail that it can actually look really bad if you apply too much makeup.

For Becky, we use Makeup Forever’s HD primer, foundation and powder. This range is specifically designed for high definition cameras, so it just looks like a second, flawless skin. I love it!

With live TV, there’s no room for mistakes, so the key (for any type of makeup) is blending. If everything is blended together well, it should look great through whichever medium.

Hannah’s go-to get up & how to achieve it in 8 simple steps


I would say that a smoky eye and nude lip tends to come out on top most of the time.

Here’s how you can achieve it in 8 simple steps:

1. Using your fingers, apply an eye shadow base all over your eye.

2. With a flat eyeshadow brush, set the base with a pale eye shadow or translucent powder.

3. Apply your kohl liner along the upper and lower waterline, and along the top lash line.

4. Using a small brush, take a medium tone and smudge it along with top and bottom lash line, taking care to blend it in with the liner.

5. Using the flat brush again, take a lighter colour and sweep it over the entire lid, up to the crease line. You can also blend it into the darker shade to give an even smokier effect.

6. Use a blending brush to soften all edges.

7. Curl those lashes! It’s best to do this while looking down into a mirror. Lift the lid slightly so you can get the curlers right into the root. Hold for about 30 seconds and wiggle to get the best results.

8. Apply mascara. Never under estimate the power of two coats!


1. Add a darker shade into the outer corners of the eye for added drama

2. Apply a highlighter to the brow bone and inner corners of the eye to give more contrast and brighten your eyes.

How to seal your make-up and keep it from running

I’d always suggest applying your makeup in little layers, building up as you go along. You can then set it with a translucent powder, such as Makeup Forever’s HD powder, and a setting spray – Urban Decay’s All Nighter is brilliant!

Five products you need to add to your make-up pouch STAT:

  • Tinted moisturizer – Estee Lauder Daywear, which is really 3 products in 3 in one, it evens the tone of your skin, moisturizes and it has an SPF. 
  • Concealer – MAC Select Moisturecover. This has great coverage whilst still moisturizing, which is extremely important for the under eye area. 
  • Blusher – NARS Orgasm, a gorgeous peachy tone with a slight shimmer which brightens any complexion. 
  • Mascara – Bare Minerals flawless definition waterproof. 
  • Lip liner – anything in a natural shade to simply fill out the natural lip line.

Thankfully, I have my brows tattooed by brow guru Chloe Walsh, so I wouldn’t need to worry about any brow products!

See more of Hannah Lisa’s work or get her to do you up! Visit her site here.

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