Solution 299 to UAE Summer: Vegan Ice Pops

Vegan Ice pops

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With the UAE summer peaking and temperatures soaring over 45 degrees Celsius, the best time to launch a healthy popsicle presents itself. Say what up to Vegan Ice Pops.

Coming out of Dubai’s first detox delivery service, Detox Delight, are Vegan Ice Pops. They can best be described as “a delicious yet nourishing concoction of fruits and vegetables frozen into the shape of an ice lolly.”

At under 30 calories each they offer an easy way to stay chilled and refreshed without piling on unnecessary weight.

Detox Delight Ice Pops Ice Pops Ice Pops are hand-made in the UAE from only the best organic ingredients, choose from:
• Frozen Salad “Get Vitamin-Iced” (15 AED)
• Frozen Heartbeet “License to Chill” (15 AED)
• For a limited period only – Frozen Coco-Nuts – (17AED)

Ice Pops are available from Detox Delight’s kitchen in Gold & Diamond Park or for home delivery as with all other products. One box contains a mix of 20 Ice Pops.

All Detox Delight products are handmade and 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, unpasteurized and without any artificial additives.

Vegan ice popsFor more information to order your Ice Popsicles or detox programme today call 04 338 3565 or visit

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