30 Indoor Activities in UAE This Summer

indoor activities in UAE

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Happy 45 degrees [or not], UAE residents. With the humidity almost as high as the temperature [we’re basically just swimming], everyone’s retreating indoors to the comfort of air conditioning and a Netflix binge watch. However, the summer has a lot lined up that may actually require leaving the house, but only for the commute.

Here are 30 indoor activities in UAE this summer:


Check out their website for reservations and other events taking place this summer.

2. Dubai Sports World

Don’t let the heat add to your procrastination, practice your favourite sport in air conditioning at the World Trade Centre. Visit their website to book your court with friends.

3. Art workshops at DUCTAC

Why not take up a new skill? The workshops at DUCTAC include art forms like drama, pottery, jewellery design and much more. Check out their website for schedules and prices.

4. Camp out at Ski Dubai

What better way to keep cool than to actually spend a day &night in the snow and pretend you’re in the Alps? See here.

5. Ice skating in Dubai Mall

Create your own rendition of Ice Princess this summer and skate your troubles away.

6. Bowling at DBC

Nothing beats kicking back and relaxing with friends at a bowling alley. On weekends, they turn the space into a 90s blacklist themed party space with loud music – it’s fun! See here.

7. Shows at Courtyard Playhouse

Visit their website for a listing of shows this summer.

8. Art exhibits at Al Ayyam Gallery

Take a look at their website for information and listings.

9. Escape Rooms

Book your session with 2-3 other friends

10. Challenge Chambers

Just like the brain wracking Escape room, challenge chambers has a variety of themed situations to pick from. Book your session here.

11. Watch football at Barasti Beach stadium

Catch your favourite teams on the big screen and a few cold ones at Barasti.

12. Catch these 3 probably-hits at VOX cinemas:

Alice Through the Looking Glass

The Conjuring 2

Independence Day- Resurgence

13. Play snooker at Café 8Ball

Catch up with friends over a game of snooker and some shisha.

14. Visit SEGA Republic for arcade games

The underrated visit to an arcade won’t disappoint you. Remember Ski-ball?

15. Visit Sharjah Aquarium for a time-out

Spend the day learning more about different types of fish.

16. Yoga classes in Business Bay

Why not try the new Acroyoga trend?

17. Listen to emerging bands at Music Room

The best way to kick back and relax after a long day at work.

18. Rock-climbing at DWTC

Perfect to get your mind off things and indulge in something fun.

19. Pet cats at Ailuromania Cafe

Spend the day with friends in an air conditioned room full of adorable cats and coffee.

20. Adventure HQ

Visit the Abu Dhabi Yas Mall for rock climbing and other indoor adventure sport like caving.

21. Visit the Geeky Lizard

Go to the Geeky Lizard near the Burj Khalifa Boulevard to satisfy whatever your geeky heart desires. They have RPG groups that might strike your fancy.

22. Visit these 24/7 gaming cafés in Dubai

Why not spend time with a group of friends the old fashioned way? With a game of counterstrike at these gaming cafes in Dubai.

23. Learn ballet at a dance studio

When’s the last time you taught yourself something new?

24. Learn how to code with this free online course.

All you need to do is a simple sign up process and you’re good to go.

25. Get creative at the A4 Space

Finish that blog you’ve been working in the perfect environment.

26. Read your poetry at PUNCH

Or you could check out one of these free-spirit open mic nights in Dubai.

27. Visit Dubai Public Libraries or these 7 quiet spots to read for free in UAE

Always ideal for a little ‘me’ time. Grab a good book and find your way to the nearest library.

28. Play Paintball indoors at the Sharjah Paintball Park

What fun it is to spend the day in air conditioning, shooting your friends. For information and bookings, visit their website

29. Learn archery at Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club

Let out your inner Hawkeye this summer. For prices and further information, visit their website

30. Play glow in the dark golf

If you’ve mastered the art of mini golf in the daylight, why not try the same in the dark?Take a look at their website for more information.

Have a great summer!

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