Nooks & Corners: Andalusia Dubai Review


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Where: Andalusia Restaurant, Sheikh Zayed Road [above Bertin Bistro]

How much: AED 250 for 2

Recommended: Signature mocktails

Like a secret society that only wise ones are able to uncover and be part of, Andalusia Dubai is a restaurant hidden away above Bertin Bistro on Sheikh Zayed Road with shisha, unique Andalusian flavours and refreshing mocktails.

Without signage and an unclear presence on Google Maps, it can be hard to find. While we went in to try their iftar buffet, it seems a popular year-round spot for shisha and yummy mocktails. Here’s the Andalusia Dubai review:



Laid out in a queue, our eyes quickly recognized the Arabian staples on the buffet: The mighty humus, tabbouleh, mutabbal and kibbeh. No real Middle-Eastern iftar would be complete without these.

The humus was creamy and when paired with a zesty lemon, it made for a good palate-wetter. The bread could have used toasting, while the tabbouleh was fresh.



Grilled lamb, chicken, and Spanish seafood paella were among the many options for mains. We sprinkled our plates with a sampling of each and here’s the verdict:

The grilled chicken was a bit under and under-seasoned, while the paella rose to the occasion, and like a well-cooked risotto, stole the show. As far as buffet mains go, this spread worked hard to stay in the competition.

Dessert & Drinks



Lined with classic Arab sweets, from atayef with walnut to a large fruit salad plate, the desserts options, while small in size, can be heavy on the tongue.

The drinks were, in our opinion, the best of the lot. With exotic fruits, they concocted sweet melon iced tea and other fruit mocktails that can wake you up with a singing zing. Ask them to go easy on the sugar if you’re going late at night.

Service & Ambience

Dim lights, wooden interiors and comfy chairs, the décor of the space comes off as neither extravagant nor standard. The vibe is homey, with groups of people enjoying their shisha and Moroccan teas.

It’s a great place to catch up if you’re looking for long conversations in a cozy, distraction-free environment.

Have you been to Andalusia Dubai? What was your take on the place? Tell us in the comments below.

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