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Tucked away in Souk al Bahar, the Crystal Group’s latest muse stands out from its neighbors. Muze is an unassuming lounge with eclectic yet chic interiors, allowing for a cozy evening away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai’s popular tourist hub.

Well, maybe only the former. Upon entering Muze, you will notice a unique theatrical stage set up with large striking lights, reminiscent of vintage American jazz bars. This means one thing: live music.

The Music


It was no coincidence that I was here on a Wednesday evening; Muze holds a weekly Jazz and Soul night with talented and charismatic singer-songwriter, Rouba. Her powerful voice combined with her perfectly paired band will transport you to New Orleans in the 60s.

Simply put, her set is smooth, melodic, and goes straight from her heart to yours. Much to her audience’s delight, Rouba paid homage to one of soul’s more well-known artists, Marvin Gaye, and soon enough she had everyone clapping and bobbing their heads.

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Although their selling point is their music, Muze offers a limited but delicious menu; they share a kitchen with Loca, so expect the same incredible food as you do from the popular Mexican restaurant.

Their Guacamole was fresh and creamy, and without a doubt the best in town [to our knowledge]. The Kingfish Ceviche deserves an honorable mention, too. This featured the freshest kingfish paired with colorful fruits such as mango and papaya, all tossed in an acidic marinade for a lip-smacking burst of flavor.


If you’re still hungry (or even if you’re not), get the Chestnut Mushroom and Cheese Quesadilla and you will experience the perfectly compatible flavors of buttery, earthy mushrooms and gooey cheese, enveloped in a toasty corn tortilla.

To make up for their selective food menu, Muze does have an extensive choice of drinks; expect everything from the usual spirits to a wide selection of exotic Cuban-inspired cocktails that will have you giddy and swaying to the music in no time.


Ambience & Service


A strong plus is the layout of the lounge – tables are spaced out to give guests some privacy without having their elbows grazing their neighbors’. They also have more intimate tables lined up on the sides to add some exclusivity while allowing for undisturbed views of the main stage.

I recommend sinking into their plush velvety couches, loosening up with a few drinks, and letting the music take care of the rest.

The servers are eager to please and sometimes overenthusiastic, but this does little to change the flow of your night.


Muze is the perfect place to kick back and unwind after work with a couple of drinks and some glorious music to invigorate your senses. While it may be a bit pricey, it sure is worth the experience at this quintessential live music lounge.

Have you been to Muze yet? Do our tastes match? Give us your own review in the comments below.

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