Nooks & Corners: Doner Deli Review

doner deli review

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Doner Deli is a quaint little spot on the side of the ever-busy Jumeirah Beach Road; you may even drive past it if you’re not looking close enough. Fortunately, the Starbucks drive-thru on the opposite side counts as a landmark.

Where: Doner Deli, Jumeirah Beach Road

How much:  AED 75 for two

Cuisine: Turkish

Recommended:  Pita Bread sandwiches


Moving on, a polite and friendly server took me through the process and explained the options, as is illustrated in the menu. I picked a traditional Gourmet Doner Sandwich with the works and a recommended mix of all three sauces – Special Herb Yogurt, Spiced Tomato, and Garlic. Additionally, I got a side dish of Turkish Rice; other sides include a choice of French Fries or a Garden Salad.

doner deli reviewI watched my sandwich being prepared in front of me – sauces were slathered onto warm toasty pita bread, chicken pieces were shaved off and put in, and finally topped with a colourful mass of lettuce, red cabbage and tomatoes. The result?

A giant doner sandwich that made me regret skipping gym two days in a row.

While the sandwich may have been messy to eat, the pita bread was soft, and the chicken succulent.

The combination of sauces was a great idea as it added tons of flavour. However, I could have done with a little more spice in mine (a little chilli sauce never killed nobody). On the other side (pun intended), the Turkish Rice was disappointing.

Upon inquiring with my chatty server, Turkish rice is slow cooked with butter, peas, and aromatic spices. Although it looked and smelled incredible, it ultimately tasted like warm rice with ketchup. Bummer.

doner deli review

Doner Deli claims they have the ‘Best Doner in town’; well, I wouldn’t call it the best, but they do offer a tasty affordable meal.

Their sandwiches are filling enough for you to take a carb-induced nap after, but there’s good news for those who have used up their cheat day for the week – they offer a lighter and healthy(ish) Doner Salad, along with a halloumi option for vegetarians.

The Verdict

Overall, we would recommend the Doner Sandwich if you’re ravenous and looking for a quick satiating meal, but we’d give the Turkish Rice a miss.

If you’re interested, take note:

Parking is fairly easy to find in the area, and within close proximity of the restaurant.