More UAE Expats Settling for the Long Haul

UAE expats

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You know how they say this country’s nature is transient and commercial, so naturally, UAE expats come in, earn and leave to plant seeds back home? Apparently, not any more.

More expats in UAE are planning to lay down their roots and settle in for the long haul.

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Jon Richards, CEO at, said,

It seems attitudes are changing and fears and insecurities about the future are lifting.

Interestingly, last year 56 percent of people said property prices were the main squeeze on their financial wellbeing. With that in mind, the fact that property prices dropped by between 10 and 13 percent last year and are set to drop by a further 10 percent this year could explain the change of heart in the expat population.

Richards said,

The recent drop in housing prices has obviously removed a big weight from people’s minds and made settling here a more viable option. After all, who wants to leave a place when it is booming?

What about you? Are you in the UAE for the long haul or are your sights set on another place? Tell us in the comments below.