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Over 60% of Local Art Revenue During Art Week Dubai


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Independent study finds that US $35 million was brought into Dubai between March 18 to 25, 2015 due to Art Dubai and Design Days Dubai alone; As much as 60% of local art organizations’ annual sales revenue was made during Art Week.

Ahead of the tenth edition of Art Dubai and the fifth edition of Design Days Dubai this March, the fairs’ parent company, Art Dubai Fair FZ LLC (The Art Dubai Group), has released the results of an independent survey for Art Week 2015 (March 18-25, 2015).

The results of the independent study show the significant economic impact Art Dubai and Design Days Dubai events have on the local economy and service sector – totalling US $35 million across seven days.

Produced by the independent research body Repucom, the report combines research and feedback from local and international art world professionals, gallerists and members of the public, and reveals substantial monetary contributions to the local cultural and tourism industries, and the impact these events have on the UAE.

As a direct result of Art Dubai and Design Days Dubai from March 18 to 25, 2015, the Economic Impact survey confirmed that:

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In addition to the economic impact of Art Dubai and Design Days Dubai on the city, the report showed the company’s umbrella event Art Week, launched by the Art Dubai Group as part of Dubai’s Art Season, has great importance to the Dubai arts industry as a whole: As much as 60% of local art organizations’ annual sales revenue was made during Art Week alone.

“In addition, the survey revealed a 92% approval rating from attendees and 100% consensus from participating art organisations that Art Week makes an important contribution to their own success and Dubai’s art industry in general.”

said Jon Long, Managing Director Middle East, of Repucom.

Art Dubai 2016 will be the meeting point for over 500 artists from nearly 100 galleries, coming from 40 countries across the world. The fair will welcome thousands of gallery staff, museum professionals and curators to the city, as well as international attendees, media, artists; as well as regional and international thought leaders who will participate in the tenth edition of the Global Art Forum, Art Dubai’s annual arts conference.

Returning for its fifth edition, Design Days Dubai is the Middle East and South Asia’s only annual fair dedicated to collectible modern and contemporary design works. Positioned as a fair of discovery, this edition will feature a mix of the world’s leading design galleries and studios, along with a record strong representation from the region: design from over 20 countries. Alongside the gallery programme, the fair presents a programme of special projects such as this year’s ‘WASL’ exhibition of design from the Emirates, talks, workshops and guided tours.

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Title : Brother Kyot-06
Artist : Daniel Kojo Schrade
Date : 2015