5 Sessions We Won’t Miss at Emirates Lit Fest 2016

emirates lit fest 2016
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The 12-day-long literary extravaganza with bibliophiles galore and renowned authors and poets having intimate chats begins soon: Emirates Lit Fest 2016, March 1 to March 12.

While we’ll be jumping from session to session making sure we don’t miss a beat, with 12 days and countless events to attend, we won’t be surprised if you can’t keep track.

Don’t want clashing sessions? Download the Emirates Lit Fest application [available on iOs and Google Play] – it’ll help you schedule your days and keep track of what’s new.

A little birdie told us that here are 5 sessions you shouldn’t miss:

1. Shakespeare in Arabic: Cymbeline performed by the South Sudan Theatre Company

The story of the life and politics of the Republic of South Sudan, with Shakespeare’s Cymbeline adapted to Arabic, this is an un-missable event for drama and literature enthusiasts.

[Don’t worry, there are English subtitles]

When: 4:30pm, Wednesday, March 2 2016

How much: AED 35

Where: Novo Cinemas

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2. A Muggle’s Eye View of Harry Potter

With attendees dressed as different HP characters, you will meet Jim Kay, who has illustrated our favourite characters with his own twist. Leave your wands at the door.

When: 4:30pm, Saturday, March 5 2016

How much: AED 50

Where: Novo Cinemas

3. An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth

Hear it from the only man who has recorded an album in space: Chris Hadfield.

When: 8pm, Saturday, March 5 2016

How much: AED 35

Where: Triangle Theatre, Intercontinental Hotel

4. Literary Cruise 

An evening to remember with philosopher AC Grayling who will discuss the importance of literature, whilst sailing along the Dubai Creek, against the extraordinary backdrop of the historic buildings lining the banks.

When: 7:30pm, Wednesday, March 9 2016

How much: AED 495

Where: Bateaux Cruise, Dubai

5. Time Travel Dinner 

Speakers Anthony Horowitz, Michael Dobbs and Suhel Seth will share stories with the audience, who will attempt to create a Festival time capsule.

When: 7pm, Friday, March 11 2016

How much: AED 475

Where: Triangle Theatre, Intercontinental Hotel

What sessions stood out for you at #EAFOL16 as exceptional? Discuss in the comments below.