Nooks & Corners: Big Smoke Burger Dubai Review


Ghazal Rezvani Food ,,,,,,,,

Where: Big Smoke Burger, Box Park

How much:  AED 150 for two (approx.)

Cuisine: Burger, Canadian

Recommended:  Crazy burger, Bacon and Ranch fries, Poutine

Big Smoke Burger specialises in gourmet hand crafted burgers and fries. Currently, with only one branch in the UAE located at the Box Park, they offer  delectable burgers fit for complex palates.



We popped in to try their famous Crazy Burger and weren’t surprised at why it’s the best-selling time on the menu; freshly baked buns sandwich a thick, juicy beef patty, fresh green lettuce, jalapenos, Havarti cheese, all dressed in spicy chipotle mayo.

The mix of sauces and cheese taste sinfully extravagant [Bonus points for using local meat].


We found ourselves won over by a few small details:

  • The complexity of the sauces
  • The palpable freshness of the ingredients-  the meat, bun and vegetables
  • The ‘smokey’ aroma and taste of the grilled patties



Moving to some carb comfort, there are quit a few fries to choose from: Cajun fries, Bacon and Ranch fries, and the traditional Canadian Poutine. The Bacon fries, topped with finely chopped fried bacon and the chef’s original ranch dressing, is a must-try.

Ambience and Service:


Located at the recently launched Box Park, the concept of Big Smoke Burger fits right into the theme. The indoor section isn’t very spacious, but the outdoor tables are convenient during winters.

Wooden interiors with yellow couches and dim lighting retains an upbeat fast food concept vibe, but the food is served to your table – which I consider a plus.

Service is fast, and the staff are cheery and attentive.


Treat your taste buds to one of the most flavourful burgers in town [P.S We recommend having it with the fries.]. If you don’t like bags of flavor and prefer simple combinations, this might not be your place.

If you’re interested, take note:

  • They are operate every day until 2 AM – great spot for late night meals.
  • For more information, contact Big Smoke: +971 4 3436533