An Energetic Workout at Zumba Festival Dubai

Color Fest

Mariam Abu Bakr HEALTH ,,,,,

Along with the beats of Latin, Hip Hop, Salsa and Mambo, about 500 people joined the Zumba Festival Dubai’s event at Zabeel Park on Saturday to move and groove. The dance session incorporated a color fest, water fights and performances by African drummers.

Dance Instructor Kamna Angirash,

“We used to offer such Zumba dance classes for free and many people showed up. So, in order to have a fun, organized program, we started charging upon entry.”

The event featured a Zumba Kids session to focus on entertaining the children while they work out, followed by five different Zumba sessions for everyone. Dance Instructor Daniella Cotirla said, “We’ve planned an event that gets the family together in a very energetic, fun setting.”


Although the market was buzzing, the set-up vibrant, the music thumping, and the crowd swaying, some attendees weren’t happy about the dance routine, while others were irked at the late start [10:30am].

Vanisha Virgee said, “It’s a great event for a family day out, but I was expecting a more professional dance routine, like the one I have at the gym, since I paid AED 75.”

Others, such as Nourhan Tawakol, who is a mother of two, thoroughly enjoyed breaking a sweat with her children:

“My kids loved the colors and the dancing. I’m just happy that they are happy.”

So, if you’re in for a family fun day at the park with Zumba, follow Zumba Fest Dubai on Facebook to get the latest updates about the next edition.

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