5 Outdoor Family Activities In Dubai This Winter


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Well, finally there seems to be some assurance of a winter in the UAE, this year. The days are getting shorter and there is a whiff of a cool breeze. I’m not sure of any place on earth that anticipates winter as much as we do. If UAE has enough entertainment for the summer, it’s just perfect during the cooler months. No more excuses to stay at home during the weekends.

This is when you set out and enjoy the sun, sand, water, grass and any other element of nature – and the perfect time to bond with your family in an outdoorsy setting. Here are 5 old school fun-filled outdoor family activities in Dubai, that will help you bond with friends or relatives , while you leave electronic gadgets at home:

1. Picnicking


This is the best last minute, frugal outdoor plan you could ever make. Head out to any of the many parks, spread your picnic mats and let the kids run riot. The whole of UAE’s civilization is built around beaches. Can there be a better place to have your morning breakfast, brunch or evening supper? The beaches are a sure-shot way to get a nice tan, or to read the book that’s been long waiting to be opened.

Finding it tiresome to whip up the picnic basket? Take yourself and the kids to a more pampered feast at the WESTIN PIKNIK.

Suggested activities: Cricket, badminton, charades, 20 questions or kite-flying.

Possible locations: Dubai Creek Park, Mamzar Beach, Jumeirah Beach or Hatta/Fujairah Beach.

2. Camping


Camping in the UAE is a secret pastime for a select few. Little known, but UAE and its neighbor Oman harbor these amazing nooks that are perfect for camping. From vast stretches of pristine beaches, to the rugged mountains and its wadis and of course the vast empty desert dunes.

If sleeping under the stars, collecting sea shells, or barbecuing outdoors is your cup of tea, then dust your tents and choose your spot. From animal encounters to the sand castle they made, the children are going to take away amazing memories and umpteen stories to tell.

Did you know DREAMLAND AQUA PARK has waterside camping facilities, everything from BBQ equipment to air-bed mattress provided?

Suggested activities: Pitching your own tent together,  assembling a bonfire, roasting marshmallows and story-telling.

Possible locations: Desert dunes between Sharjah and Ajman, Jebel Jais, Mountains in Hatta or Fujairah.

3. Outdoor sports


Yes, the cycles, the skates, the ropes, the free yoga dvds all come out this season. What a great way to get fitter together as a family, especially after the sedentary and gluttonous summer. A little more adventurous? Why not try mountain hiking.

Break a sweat, and tire the kids out at CHALLENGING ADVENTURES. Take your pick from their list of adrenaline-pumping activities. Is there a better way to get away, have a challenge, and laugh with each other?

Suggested activities:  Rock-climbing, jogging, tennis, volleyball.. the list goes on.

Possible locations: JBR, Mountains in Hatta, Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi corniche.

4. Water Fun


Your outdoor fun doesn’t end with land. Visit the water parks spotted all over UAE and have an unforgettable day of play or get back to nature and set sail, catch an abra ride, or grab a great deal for an hour of fishing.

If you are lucky, the kids are going to catch the fish of their life. Meanwhile, the Omani coast has great spots for dolphin sightings especially along Musandam. Kayak into the mangroves in Abudhabi, snorkel or just have a swim in Fujairah.

Oh! If you really can, catch the doughnut boat ride with BBQ DONUT at DUBAI CREEK.

Suggested activities and locations: Snorkelling in Fujairah, kayaking in AD, dolphin watching in Musandam or water sports with Ride in Dubai.

5. Animals


This is a foolproof way to get the kids hyper excited. Feed and pet the animals at Poshpaws. Or fawn over the giraffes at Emirates zoo. Want a little more natural setting to see the local animals of the desert? The place to be is Sir BANIYAS ISLAND.

Abu Dhabi also houses the World’s Largest Falcon Hospital. Take the kids to feed the turtles at their rehab, at Mina a’ Salam. Do not miss the migrant flamingoes, this season at the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Try out these insanely fun outdoor activities this winter and I promise you, you will be lusting for the next winter, just like we do.

So what’s your favorite pick for this weekend?