Mishael AlRajhi @ FFWDD 2016: Night And Day


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[dropcap]Monochrome. Yin Yang. Night and Day. Opposites.  [/dropcap]

These are just a few of the descriptions to this S/S 16 stark collection for men and women. The signature of black and white to this region, re-thought and challenged. Presented simply as AlRajhi’s take on this ‘Foundation’. So simple yet at the same time consuming visually to those who attended the show to see first hand. Saudi designer AlRajhi, based out of Riyadh encapsulated a fine cotton-based, flowy, airy, loose, wearable, fluid, and, at first-glance simplistic set of pieces, that upon further inspection are chock full of detail.

Here’s a quick a look at the variety this collection offers:

This is comprised predominantly in thoughtful stitching, creating a most pleasing series of pleating, crisscrossing, zizagging, quilting, ruching, textured elastication at the waist, and cowling at the neck. The matte of the fabric was offset at times by a glossy, shimmery accent in the form of capelets for women.  

DICHOTOMY. highlights from our Spring/Summer 2016 Men collection. #mashaelalrajhi #paris #pfw #SS16

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This collection was decidedly low key and simplified, for example what you might wear to a picnic on a sunny day. But do not take this on face value, as when you look at the versatility of AlRajhi’s previous collections, for example Resort 2016 as can be seen at is decidedly more dressy;  fancy occasion and aristocratic.

AlRajhi’s previous Autumn/Winter 2015 collection shown as a fashion film on the website, depicts a lone lithe female dancer at an abandoned building site rolling around on the floor getting all dusty. We see a great amount of carefree movement skipping and jumping about, showing the detail of what appears to be both men’s and women’s pieces the model is wearing with a cross laced style of Parisian dancing flats.



A movement of the design on display, the whole vibe of which is more street arty, edgy, and dreamy.

If you have not investigated AlRajhi’s work already this is an opportunity to do so. @mishaelrajhi on Instagram.

Take a look at AlRajhi’s official fashion films for the collection:

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