Nooks & Corners: Legends Restaurant Dubai Review

Nooks & Corners: Legends Restaurant Dubai Review

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This place has raised the bar for the juiciest steak in town.

We visited Legends Restaurant Dubai at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, and to say the least, were quite impressed. We’ve found a new go-to hotspot. Read on:

Where: Legends, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

How much: AED 500 for two (approximately), including drinks

Cuisine: Steakhouse

Recommended: Tenderloin, Lobster Kibbeh, Black Tempura shrimps



Lusting for good food, we were pleasantly surprised and treated ourselves to some lovely mini bites which consisted of Mozzarella and Truffle Cannelloni, Philo Foie Gras, Tuna Croquette, and Duck Pastilla amongst the rest. We absolutely loved the Lobster Kibbeh, which was kibbeh as we know it, but with a twist of lobster stuffing instead of the usual minced beef.

The Salmon Croquettes were exceptionalcrispy on the outside, and bursting with flavour inside, with the white wine adding just the right acidic tinge.


Confused by the number of tantalising options on the menu, we decided to trust the manager’s recommendations and we’re glad we did so, as we loved every bite of the 3 different steaks served to us.

We had the Tenderloin and Rib eye (both served medium rare), and the Striploin, which was served well done. All three were different kinds of meat, but they all had two things in common: they were tender and equally delicious.

We were consumed by the steak and didn’t pay attention to the sides, but make note, there are plenty and complement the steak well; 6 sides, 3 types of salt, 3 different mustards, and 3 sauces that were meant to be poured over the steak. The sides were served in separate bowls.



Every dessert served had a unique element and visually looked like art on a plate. The Legends Tiramisu arrived in a small pot, which resembled a plant pot. +1 for the creativity, and the one of a kind flavor of the Tiramisu!

We also loved the Pistachio and Raspberry macaroon, which was the biggest macaroon we’ve seen so far paired well with the slurpy blueberry sorbet on top.

The Chocolate and Praline Dome, despite being chocolate [and quite good] lay in the shadow of the two heroes that preceded it.

Nooks & Corners: Legends Restaurant Dubai Review

Ambiance and Service

At first, we wished it was cooler so we could enjoy the outdoors with the view of the creek, but once we were seated inside, we had no complains. On one side, the glass structure windows overlooked the majestic creek, and on the other, the expansive golf course – a setting perfect for a lavish dinner date.

The service was excellent, with extremely friendly and polite staff, [kindly re-filling our wine glasses at a moment’s notice].

Nooks & Corners: Legends Restaurant Dubai Review


If you are looking for a calm place, accompanied with delicious food and an excellent view – this is your spot.

B-Change Foodie Rating: 9/10

Did we tempt you enough? Then take note:        

We recommened their brunch,  every Friday; AED 275 for food and soft beverages, AED 395 for food and selected beverages.

For more information, contact Legends on: +971 4 295 6000 or email