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Should You Watch It? | Entourage Movie Review

Should You Watch It? | Entourage Movie Review

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You must be warned (and congratulated)…

Let me warn you that I’m one of the biggest fans of the Entourage series that you will meet in the world. So this review may be slightly biased. On the other hand, I may be doubly critical of the movie because I’m such a big fan. Therefore, congrats on making the best choice you will make today in reading this Entourage movie review.

Plot (without spoilers)

The plot of the movie picks up about 7-8 days where Season 8 ended. Retired super-agent, Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven) has convinced his wife to move back to LA, as he set to accept John Ellis’s offer to take over the Warner Brothers Studio. Now, as studio head, Ari backs Vince in a $100 million dollar project. The plot revolves around how the hysteria of  wrapping the movie and its roll out, with all the production hassles, studio head egos and Hollywood politics that shift the plot.

In between this plot, come in all the classic Entourage elements including a barrage of A-list stars (*takes deep breath* Nina Agdal, Jessica Alba, Tom Brady, Warren Buffett, Gary Busey, Andrew Dice Clay, Mark Cuban, Baron Davis, Kevin Durant, Julian Edelman ,Kelsey Grammer, Rob Gronkowski, Armie Hammer, Calvin Harris, Thierry Henry, Cynthia Kirchner, Piers Morgan, Liam Neeson, Ed O’Neill, Emily Ratajkowski, Mike Richards, Stevan Ridley, Mariano Rivera, Ronda Rousey, Bob Saget, David Spade Amar’e Stoudemire, Michael Strahan, George Takei, T.I., Mark Wahlberg, Pharrell Williams and Russell Wilson. BOOM) making guest appearances as themselves, smashing parties in the best cribs, super cars galore and a beautiful collection of all kinds of seductive women. ( In the words of Johnny Drama, “Hoes, Fluseys and Hoesys”).

You can see what I mean, by watching this trailer which does a good job giving you a taste of the plot without spoiling it much:

Tribute to Entourage & Hollywood

The movie is a fetching and fulfilling treat for all Entourage fans. The location and extras are very real and can be experienced first-hand. One only needs to go Los Angeles and head to the Warner Brothers studio to see all the different places employed. A lot of the scenes are shot on the Warner studio lot where you get to see the behind the scenes in its complete sense.

Whether it is a quick therapy section with Dr Marcus or just the guys cruising around Beverly Hills, if you have watched the Entourage show, this movie does it complete justice. A lot of credit must be given to the team behind the movie starting from director/writer Doug Ellin to all the producers including Rob Weiss (co-writer), Wayne Carmona, Stephen Levinson and the man who inspired it all, Mark Wahlberg.

Again, the cast including the movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier),  best friend-turned-manager Eric (Kevin Connolly), driver-turned-tequila magnate Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and ne’er-do-well older brother-turned ne’er-do-well older brother Johnny “Drama” Chase (Kevin Dillon) are able to seamlessly recreate their bromance in the movie as well. This one movie you will particular enjoy with your “bros.” They all put in honest performances and do the witted and reference-filled dialogue complete justice.

The detractors of the movie will mostly include the folk who haven’t seen the TV show, because to fully appreciate the bromance, boobs and boorishness in the movie, you may need to be a fan of the show. Regardless, give Entourage a chance to blow you away with its ostentatiousness.

Entourage is an excellent celebration of of everything Hollywood and leaves the viewer with a great feel of a really good life can play out.

All in all:

The Entourage movie is almost like just another episode but with a feature length. It transitions itself from TV show to feature film with ease.

Rating: 8.3/10

Here’s a treat for all Entourage fans. Check out this deleted scene which starts even before the movies does: