Splash Heart Of Gold | Commemorating 30 Unsung Heroes In 30 Days

Splash Heart Of Gold | Commemorating 30 Unsung Heroes In 30 Days

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This Ramadan, Splash invites you to share the selfless stories of your heroes, who have performed commendable acts of kindness, to receive recognition. Read on for more details about Splash Heart of Gold. 

The holy month of Ramadan is when you stop, take a moment, reflect and be thankful for what you have been blessed with and be giving to the needy.

This initiative has been instituted as a tribute to unsung heroes who devote their time, money and effort selflessly to the cause of humanity.

These are people from every walk of life, who espouse the cause of humanity in their own unique way without expecting anything in return and whom you may have seen, known or heard of; people who strive to improve the lives of others around them, without expecting anything in return.

Examples could be many ranging from an ordinary person who devotes time for the cause of the underprivileged to a person who displays a sense of humanity towards stray animals by caring for them and could be a complete stranger, an acquaintance or even your family member.

An online process you need to send in your entries on www.splashfashions.com/heartofgold  with supporting pictures of why you think a particular person has done a commendable act of kindness and he or she will enter the Heart of Gold recognition initiative. The award will be a pure gold trophy in the shape of a Splash heart.

We truly believe that these are the people with a #SplashHeartofGold.