Review : Paolo Nutini Leaves Dubai Longing

Review : Paolo Nutini Leaves Dubai Longing

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Featured Image by Tarun Shyam

I can’t believe he didn’t play Rewind OR New Shoes – Why?!

Strolling on stage in a white t-shirt that looked mercilessly good, Paolo Nutini kicked Friday night off at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre on a high note playing Funk My Life Up from his new album Caustic Love, which has a good mix of soul, funk, jazz and pop.

The night rode a turbulent wave, with some songs revving the crowd to cheer and dance maniacally, while others invited a lukewarm reception. We’re assuming Nutini was a lot more enthusiastic singing the new tracks, Let Me Down Easy, One Day and Iron Sky, than he was playing his rustic [priceless] classics like Jenny Don’t Be Hasty and Pencil Full of Lead.

We’re deducing he’s grown out of the old ones after countless tours, and left Rewind and New Shoes off the set list intentionally. Though, he did tease us  with a few strains of New Shoes, never really launching into the full-scale song. It was astonishing, much like going to a Coldplay concert and not listening to Paradise, or watching the Arctic Monkeys leave out Do I Wanna Know off their list.

Nevertheless, Nutini put his husky voice to good use, singing with heartfelt emotion, hitting high notes with comfort and passion. The band behind him added a lot to the zest of the night. The back-up singer’s tinkling opera-voice acted as the perfect complement to Nutini’s hoarse one.

The singer from Paisley left the crowd reeling, ending the night with Last Request, having the audience chant most of the track. He casually walked off stage, leaving us high and dry. If only you’d have played our last request, Paolo.