5 Work Resolutions To Make 2015 A Successful Year

work resolutions for 2015

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Every year, we make promises to ourselves – exercise more, stay fit, become a better person, learn a new skill. This year, let’s change things up. Instead of focusing on our complicated personal lives, let’s make simple work resolutions that will make a measurable difference to your career in 2015 [Who knows? By 2018, you may actually be a punctual employee]. Have a look and make a few – here are suggestions for the 5 best professional resolutions for 2015:

1. I will not skip professional networking opportunities:

professional resolutions for 2015

No matter which industry you work in and what your job role is [this is critical if you’re looking for a job], you need to expand your network with clients and others in your field [and we don’t just mean LinkedIn]. Networking can only improve your chances of growing and moving up professionally. According to HBR, networks provide: “private information, access to diverse skill sets, and power.”

Now, we know work conferences and events aren’t your first priority on those evenings when you’d rather kick back with a cold beer at home or chill at a sheesha café with friends, but who knows? You may meet your professional ‘the one’ at this event- a business partner, a new dedicated employee, an employer or a candy-covered client.

Another note about networking: Make an effort to go out of your way to help those who are unemployed [Not so that they owe you one, but because, simply put, it sucks to be unemployed].

2. I will schedule to leave half an hour earlier for every appointment:

professional resolutions for 2015

In the U.A.E, the acceptable waiting time for a meeting is 20 minutes – that’s quite long. But being early for interviews and meetings isn’t just to keep up appearances, it will also serve well in the following ways:

  • You get a few minutes to settle down and feel comfortable at the meeting place. This can help when you want to scan the office to see what the work environment is like and how to approach this particular client or potential employer [the design and noise level at the office are important indicators].
  • You have the upper hand when it comes to seating. If you want to keep the guest’s attention, make sure they sit at an angle where they have the least visual distraction.

3. I will not procrastinate at all: 

professional resolutions for 2015

At all. This means that you need to stick to your deadlines like an octopus tentacle. According to a report in Psychological Science, procrastination can negatively affect your physical well-being and performance. This won’t just lower your overall stress levels, it’ll make your work day a lot more organized. Having a weekly work schedule is a good way to make sure you stick to your dates [treat that schedule as your work Bible]. Daily to-do lists can be magic so you don’t forget the details.

Bonus procrastination tip: Record your father reprimanding voice [or whatever you find scary] as a voicenote and set it as a deadline alert. As positive reinforcement, keep a bowl of Kisses next to your table – you can only have one when you’ve earned it.

4. I will volunteer to do more:

professional resolutions for 2015

Don’t let the laziness settle in and make a cozy home in you. According to India Times, upper management in several firms in India report that proactive employees are more likely to get promoted in their organizations. So, whether it’s freelance gigs, more workload in the office or an opportunity to write for an up-and-coming magazine [ahm], sign up for it.

5. I will chase wealth only if it comes with happiness:

professional resolutions for 2015

Truth be told, this is a life-long resolution. At every turn of your career, this will be an important assessment to make. Am I taking this opportunity because it aligns with my life’s purpose and pays well or simply because it pays well? Too often, I’ve seen friends get caught in the web of money-making without realizing that they’re spending half their day in misery. Do something that you love. No, watching TV on the couch all day doesn’t count . So let’s amend that to this: Do something productive that you love.

Will you make any of the above resolutions?

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