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3 Christmas Decoration DIYs In Under 3 Minutes

3 Christmas Decoration DIYs That You Will Lift Your Spirit

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Twinkling lights adorn trees, doors and streets and antique ornaments glitter on your wrists and inside your home. The warm and woody ambience of the holidays amidst chilly winters makes up a big part of the cheery mood [not to mention hot cocoa, marshmallows and expansive feasts].

So in the spirit of the festive season, we wanted to bring you a few of these home décor ideas (aka. Christmas Decoration DIYs) that will create a wintery/Christmassy look and won’t cost much [and making them will put you in the mood for holidays]. Here they are:


It may sound strange to decorate jars, but when done with the right elements, they can be gleaming centerpieces for any table. Put them in your reading corner next to a candle or on the buffet table for guests to admire:

1.Items required:

  • White paper
  • A small figurine toy ( if you have one)
  • Thermocol balls.

2. Method:

  • Small paper snowmen can be made with paper by crushing paper into a small ball (for the head) and a bigger one(for the body.
  • Glue them together and draw the eyes. Fix the nose with a small orange triangular piece.
  • Stick the snowman firmly to the base of the jar.
  • Flake the thermocol and place it in the jar.
  • Close the jar, and Voila! You have snow in a jar!

image001 image003

Alternatively, if you have small toys i.e. cars, dolls, animals (especially those little toys you get from McDonalds happy meals), you can use those. Different jars, with different characters, in a winter wonderland!

If you have some music sheets, use those to cover glasses or jars. Cut shapes on the sheets (stars, hearts etc.) and place a candle in the glass. Use some string/ribbon/ fancy paper to tie a bow.


Use white ink, permanent markers to draw snowflakes, a Santa, or a Christmas hat on the glass/jar. Place a candle inside. The light will illuminate your drawing spectacularly!

These are simple and have an elegant look. Cluster 3-5 such glasses in a corner. You could also place them on different levels by using a stack of books.

image009 image005 image007

 Christmas Burlap

1. Items required:

  • Fairy Lights (easily available in all hypermarkets and department stores this time of year)
  • Strips of Red/Green/White cloth or ribbon
  • A pair of scissors

2. Method:

  • Spread out your fairy lights, and cut equal lengths of the cloth/ ribbon. Begin to make fluffy bows on the wire.
    Tip: Try to keep the bows close together so that the burlap looks full, and has no spaces exposing the wire.
  • This can be spread around a door frame, entwined around the railing of a staircase/balcony or even kept on the floor. It will brighten up the entire room!

image020 image016image018

Twine Ball Christmas Décor

1. Items required:

  • Twine
  • Balloon
  • Wet glue
  • Scissors

2. Method:

  • Blow up the balloon to the size of an ornament ball.
  • Lather it with the wet glue and twist the twine around it in a pattern you like.
  • Cut the twine and glue the end of the string to the twine on the balloon.
  • Lather the twine with glue on the outside and wait for it to dry.
  • After 15 – 20 min, once it’s completely dry and the twine feels hard, use a pin to burst the balloon inside.
  • The twine remains behind and looks lovely! This can be used as ornaments for the Christmas tree, the wreath, garlands etc.

image028 image026 image024

Remember that these DIY’s have no rules. Go crazy with the colors and designs and make your home the perfect spot to drink wine, laugh and of course, cuddle this holiday season.

Have a Merry Christmas, folks!