Here’s Why You Really Need to Come Down To Ripe Market, Dubai on Friday


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Red velvet pancakes, cute babies, young and old couples, handicrafts, hand-crafted jewelry, room decor items, crafty gifts, hand-embroidered clothes, hand-made cards, home-made organic soaps, pickles, sauces, organic veggies, grills, charcoal burgers, waffles, fresh lemonades and heavenly milkshakes; do you need to me to go on or have you found the perfect way to spend your Friday mornings? Oh, and I almost forgot, it’s in Dubai in case you thought I was suggesting travelling to a different country.

Every Friday, the Ripe Market comes to Dubai at Zabeel Park and it is a haven for cost-conscious brunch lovers and shoppers. Original and artsy, if you’re into purchasing one-of-a-kind items [and are a bit of a hippie on the inside], then you have to come down here.

This Friday, B-Change decided to be there because we’re always in the lookout for something off-beat. Here are pictures of things you have to see, people you have to meet and food you need to try:

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