Stranded with a Guitar: Singer & Songwriter, Vivian D’Souza

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This week, B-Change caught up with guitarist, singer and songwriter, Vivian D’Souza, whose long-standing affair with music has taken many turns. An insomniac of sorts, Vivian does most of his song writing in the middle of the night. This piece, called One Night Strand, was also produced in the dark, inspired by Vivian’s favourite Police track “Roxanne”.

He has been a musician for 15 years. Something he says “came naturally”. When asked about what inspires him, Vivian says:  Some of my major influences have been Iron Maiden, Paul Gilbert, Andy Mckee, BB King, John Mayer.It’s always great to draw inspiration from your heroes, but at the same time it is important to have your own unique sound reflect from your personality.”

To check out his other compositions on SoundCloud, click here.

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