What’s New in Science This Week?

What's New in Science This Week?

Nasir Khalid B-Theories
  • New gene discovered that prevents cancer from spreading

The newly discovered gene prevents cancer from spreading by ‘sticking’ the cancer cells to their spot and preventing them from moving around, the gene is surprisingly very powerful and with further research it shows a new way of fighting one of the worlds deadliest disease.


  • Newly discovered virus lives in gut

A new virus named crAssphage lives in the gut of more than half of the worlds population. It is linked to diabetes and obesity but whether it promotes the diseases or prevents them is yet to be discovered.


  • Million Year old stone artifacts discovered

Hand Axes, flakes and other tools were uncovered near Kath in South Africa, more than a thousand stone tools were discovered.


What's New in Science This Week?


  • Scientists can edit and remove HIV virus out of human DNA
    Using genome editing scientists are able to precisely cut and remove the HIV virus from DNA, this could help cure even latent infections and prevent a new HIV infection however more research is required and there are a few other obstacles.


  • Unexplainable mystery signal received from center of Perseus Cluster

Approximately 250 million light years away scientist noticed spectral lines that are not of any known type of matter and it is currently unexplainable by modern physics, but it seems to lean towards dark matter.