#30DaysOfSharing by ThinkUp and Du


Safa Yakoob Volunteering ,,

Have you ever stumbled upon this hashtag on Fb, twitter or Insta – #30daysofsharing – and wondered what was it about? Well, you’re about to find out now! Thanks to Thinkup and Du’s brilliant invention of the hashtag #30daysofsharing, you can help feed these people from anywhere in the world! If there is a special moment , event, gift or anything that lights up your spirit, share it on Instagram, tweet it or post it on your Facebook page and include the #30daysofsharing hashtag.

So how will this hashtag help feed those people? Every time you post/share with this hashtag included in your post, Dutweets will donate AED10 to increase the number of meals that are distributed on the ThinkUp iftar table! So, what are you waiting for?

Mawaed Al Rahman” is an event organized by Du in collaboration with Thinkup to serve iftar to the needy people in Sharjah, during Ramadan. ThinkUp, is an organization comprised of young volunteers, led by the creative and talented Saleh Al Braik. He is also famously known by his twitter/Instagram handle fearlessindubai, and wants to see a change and be the voice of the future.  Thinkup for the last two consecutive years, in collaboration with Du, has distributed meals to the needy in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman during the holy month of Ramadan. Once again this year, they took the initiative to do the same, but bigger and better than the last 2 years!

Volunteers, both men and women of different age groups, are giving out iftar boxes outside different masjids under a tent. The tent is equipped with fans to save everyone from the blazing heat, and the iftar boxes are are brought from HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan foundation. Around 900-1000 people are served every day with food and water outside one masjid in each city by the ThinkUp and Du volunteers. Labours, taxi drivers, children line up in a queue as soon as clock strikes 4.30pm and the food is served till 6.00pm. A big shout out to the volunteers, who stand in sweltering heat [during their fast] and serve meals, bringing smiles to a thousand faces!

Not only does the government conduct such generous activities, but different organizations come together and unite for such passionate campaigns in Ramadan. The Holy month of Ramadan is about being merciful, giving and helping others. Living in the UAE, I must say that we are very lucky because  the government of UAE ensures that labourers working in the scorching heat and even taxi drivers, who don’t have the luxury to go home to break their fast with their families, are fed well in this month. They have setup tents outside every single masjid you come across in Sharjah that serves food, during Maghrib, for the labours and needy.

Here is a chance to do a good deed and help others, you can sign up with ThinkUp every year, before Ramadan begins, to volunteer. Don’t be sad because the registration is closed! You can still post that hashtag multiple times and feed many people (make sure that the privacy of that particular status is set to public)!

Let’s thank the government and organizations like Thinkup and Du for providing residents with such opportunities to help and spread joy during this blessed month.