What’s New in Science This Week?

What's New in Science This Week?

Nasir Khalid B-Theories


  1. Giant hole spotted at ‘Worlds End’

An unexplained giant hole has been spotted in Northern Siberia by a helicopter crew, the cause of the hole is still unexplained and an expedition for investigation will take place next week.

Below is an aerial video showing the hole.


  1. New dinosaur with 4 wings and huge feathers discovered

The fossil of the meat eating dinosaur called Changyuraptor yangi was discovered in China. It’s said to have lived 125 million years ago, it’s considered a bird like dinosaur and was more than 121 centimeter long and weighed 4 kilograms.



  1. Mount Fuji has high chances of eruption

The 2011 earthquake has said to have caused geological disturbances that have put the volcano on high alert, there is no sure way of predicting when an eruption could occur and it could even take a long time, however it has been put on high alert and will be watched carefully.



  1. Ruins of lost temple discovered in Iraq

The column bases of a 2500 year old temple dedicated to the god haldi were found, along with life size human statues. The temple was said to have been sacked and destroyed in 714 BC and its ruins could help locate more ancient sites.


What's New in Science This Week?




  1. Scientists find way to imprison and kill malaria parasite

When malaria infects a host red blood cell it tries to renovate it  to build a suitable home, this requires a protein that passes through a pore In to the blood cell. By disrupting this pore, scientists discovered that the parasite was unable to grow and died out.