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The 7 Best Covers of 2013
The 7 Best Covers of 2013

Don’t we all love it when our favourite musicians cover songs that vary from classics to popular music that is big at the moment. Cover versions bring out a distinct style to popular songs and also largely assist musicians to input their creativity as they can perform [or cover] songs by their favor…

iconic moments from game of thrones
10 Iconic Moments From Game of Thrones So Far [Spoilers]

This iconic TV show has changed the face of.. well, TV shows as we know them. Without further ado, here are [arguably] 10 iconic moments from Game Of Thrones so far: 1. The Beheading of Ned Stark Perhaps one of the most shocking events in the history of television, this was a death that nobody saw …

Would You Rather Read it or Watch it?
Book or Movie: Would You Rather Read or Watch It?

– Stephen King “I loved the book’s version of the battle between Harry and Voldemort that took place in the Great Hall rather than the movie version.”  “Meh.. I prefer the fight scene of the movie in the Entrance Courtyard after which Voldemort disintegrates.” This argument took place between …

Book World by Kinokuniya
Could You Spend a Whole Day in Kinokuniya?

There’s one thing that everyone knows about Kinokuniya (Book World) at Dubai Mall: it’s big. Really big. It goes in further than a dense forest, and it might as well be a forest what with all the dead trees lying around in bound form. But big as it may be, would it be possible to …