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Passionate about fine arts & good food, she wants to see the world and change it [Just a little and temporarily]. Her ideal day involves comfortable hotel pillows, a lavish brunch and a pool bar. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief at B-Change.

5 Ways to Talk Money Like a Pro

There’s an awkward silence, a lot of hesitation, pauses and a looming atmosphere of dread about the whole thing. I’ve seen this plague students, friends, and relatives – even managers. Many people hav…

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The marketing for this supposedly idyllic destination lulls most people into a blanket delusion that Bali means long stretches of sand, water, temples and untouched serenity. Not that these elements are absent from Bali’s landscape, but the lesser-known, vibrant, and coarse side of Bali is rarely depicted in travel articles; the kind of place you’d […]