Find Out: Are You Like Every Other Foodie in UAE?

Compare yourself and how adventurous you are to the average UAE resident, based on the KPMG 2016 Food and Beverage Report

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Living in a time of food a click away, we all like to think we’re unique when it comes to exploration, experimentation and other food-related subjects – UAE is a country of foodies, after all.

So, we thought we’d give you the chance to measure where you stand in comparison to other UAE residents, according to KPMG 2016 Food and Beverage Report.

Surprise: Indian cuisine is most preferred in the UAE, followed by Italian [including pizza], Lebanese and Chinese [KPMG 2016 Food & Beverage Report].

They asked a representative sample of 850 respondents about their food habits.

Below we have the findings – Where do you fit in?

1. How often do you eat out?

KPMG 2016 Food and Beverage Report

If you eat dinner out every weekend, you fall into the category of 67% other UAE residents who do the same, which is why queues are long on Fridays.

2. How long will you travel for?

KPMG 2016 Food and Beverage Report

KPMG asked ‘How many minutes are you prepared to spend traveling [including parking] when eating out? If you think you’d travel as long as is required, you’re one of the 15% who believe distance can’t keep you from the food you want!

3. How often do you experiment with new restaurants/cuisines?

KPMG 2016 Food and Beverage Report

While experimentation with new restaurants is common, delving into unknown cuisines is rarer.

So, if you’re queuing up for Korean BBQ and you haven’t tried it before, you’re a unique specimen!

4. How does a higher price affect your eating out habits?

KPMG 2016 Food and Beverage Report

When inflation hits, if you eat out more, you’re one of a kind, but if you’re more conscious of what you order, then you’re flocking with the herd.

5. How much do you tip?

KPMG 2016 Food and Beverage Report

This should come as no surprise to many in the UAE. While tips average 20% in the US, in the UAE, only a quarter of the respondents said they regularly tip more than 10%!

6. What’s your favorite cuisine/format?

Which of the below do you value?

KPMG 2016 Food and Beverage Report

7. How do you use your phone to make foodie decisions?


8. How do you choose a restaurant?

Food quality and taste matter the most, followed by cuisine and good service – what matters to you?

You can find the original KPMG 2016 Food and Beverage Report on their website.

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